SS19711006 - Slingshot Alu Mast Cap



Category: Windfoiling – foil parts.
Slingshot Forged Aluminum Mast Cap – Fwind foil Specific parts
This aluminum part inserts into the front wing to allow securing front wing to the fuselage. Replaces Compsite version for greater strength and insert Two M8 x 23 bolts are required to secure this to the front wing. Image shows top, bottom and side views of this part.

- Forged Aluminum.
- M8 brass threads.

Part #:
Mast Cap (SKU: 1971106) – To secure front wing to Fuselage.

Ideal for:
Fwind1 ro 2 foils from Slingshot.



Slingshot Alu Mast Cap

New Slingshot Forged Aluminum Mast Cap to secure Fwind front wing to fuselage.
SKU: SS19711006

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