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Kona One
The ultimate in multi-purpose board performance
The Kona One is a One Design multi-purpose race board. Its target audience is anyone who wants to get out on the water and have fun - regardless of wind conditions. By blending free ride, freestyle and racing elements of the sport into one successful plug and play board it became the universal board of choice. Its subtle shape combines stability, control, maneuverability, and excellent sub planning performance. Cruising and racing in all conditions becomes a thrill and performing classic tricks becomes a breeze. It also functions as a stand-up paddle board and surf board. The Kona One is also a great board for teaching people how to windsurf - due to stable and user friendly design and unlimited growth potential. This is an ideal multi-purposed windsurfing toy that's fun and challenging in 3 - 20+ mph winds.

The fact that it is a one design class windsurfing board bodes well for leveling the playing field when participating in race events (weight class to sail size limits) and also maintains the value of the board from year to year. Once a board is destined for a one-design racing class, you can not alter the hull design or construction. The exceptions are minor design changes - such as graphics or updating minor detail features. Otherwise the boards cannot change. 2014 Kona did make a few minor detail changes. Additional mast box markings were added to the deck aid sail placement.

- Full EVA padded deck and ASA skin.
- New ID area - to mark your board with your name & sail number.
- New Sail position markings - to assist in rig placement on board.
- 65 cm Fiberglass (foam filled) dagger board.
- 46 cm freeride/freewave fin.
- Power box fin system.
- 4 light weight footstraps.

350 x 70cm x 220 liters

Note - Lever Screw has been discontinued on Kona-One - due to impeding ability to tighten the fin properly into fin box. Standard now is 55mm fin screw to eliminate this issue.

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Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
Kona Kona One 35070220ASA/EVA34.11.5-9.8


Kona One

Multi-purpose board performance. Blends freeride, freestyle, racing & SUP elements into one great board.
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