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RRD AirWindsurf Freeride 150 – Inflatable freeride performance
RRD's R&D team have created an inflatable performance freeride board delivering early planning, rapid acceleration and excellent top speed potential. Featuring: a built in Tuttle fin box ITB (Integrated Tuttle Box) to maximize fin performance, planing and speed, SPSP (Soft PVC Sharp rail Profile) with a hollow chamber to release water cleanly at rail and tail of board, along with RRD's exclusive 3x's SBS (Sandwich Dyneema Belt) to provide 30% greater stiffness then conventional inflatable boards. This combination gives riders a super stiff structure that minimizes flex, enables early planing, releases water cleanly off rail and tail for easy jibing and feels nearly as stiff as an epoxy board. These three features together: the ITB, SPSP, and the 3x SBS are the backbone of the performance level of what is possible in inflatable windsurfing boards. With over one thousand hours of designing, testing and developing this new inflatable concept – the Air Windsurf Freeride will change the way you think of what is achievable performance in inflatable windsurfing designs.

- Inflatable Freeride performance board
- SBS - (Sandwich Dyneema Belt) to provide 30% greater stiffness
- ITB (Integrated Tuttle Box) to maximize fin performance
- SPSP (Soft PVC Sharp rail Profile) with a hollow chamber
- 4.75" drop stitch construction
- 150 liters of volume
- RRD Freemove G10 42 cm Tuttle base fin
- Mast Insert receiver
- 4 footstraps
- High capacity pump
- Backpack carrying case

150 LTS – 260x80x12 CM, 10 kgs / 22 lbs

4.75" drop stitch technology combined with exclusive 3x's Sandwich Dyneema Belt technology, Soft PVC sharp rail and Integrated Tuttle box system.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size


RRD Airwindsurf Freeride

RRD's New Inflatable windsurfing freeride board that's easily transportable and delivers incredible freeride performance.
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