RRD17ERR - 2018 RRD Easy Ride MK6 Rig




RRD EasyRide MK6 Rig – Makes learning and progress easy!

RRD's Easy Ride MK6 rig package is about easy, accessible and compact performance. It targets new comers and delivers quality, easy handling, ease of rigging and is very light weight. X-ply and Dacron sail materials with vinyl window aid strength and performance. Beautiful colors and nicely packaged with everything you need to have fun and successful windsurfing experiences. Includes; Sail,  2-pc Epoxy RDM mast, AL adjustable clamp-on boom, Mast shim, Fixed EP Mast Base Extension, 1-bolt EP mast foot, Bungee uphaul, ropes and color coded carrying case. Excellent value and performance for new windsurfers. 


Sail and Rig Features:

- Color coded sail sizes.

- Dacron sail cloth combined with X-ply window (5.5 = Monofilm window).

- 3 batten (4.0/ 4.5/ 5.0), 4 batten (5.5).

- Adjustable top haul (all sizes).

- RRD - SDM Epoxy 2-pc mast.

- RRD – Easy Rider T-8 AL 150-200 boom.

- Rdm mast shim.

- EP fixed mast base extension.

- EP Aeron 1-bolt mast base.

- RRD bungee uphaul.


Size options:

4.0 Orange, 4.5 Bright Yellow, 5.0 Purple, 5.5 Fushia. 


Note: Rig component substitutions of equal or greater value may take place, based on availability.


Model Size Luff Boom Battens Mast
Easy Ride Rig V25.53981814400 EPX


2018 RRD Easy Ride MK6 Rig

Only one 5.5 Fuchsia left !This is the perfect Windsurfing rig for learning and rapid progression. Easyride MK6 complete rig is simple, easy and user friendly. Shipping included.
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RRD Easy Ride Rig MK6 5.5
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