RRD17FSL - 2017 RRD Fire Storm Ltd V4



Board Category: Freerace / Performance Freeride

RRD Firestorm V4 – Fast Freeride and Freerace performance.
The new Firestorm V4 is a Fast Freeriding board ideal for riders who want to go fast and stay in control. Modeled after the X-fire V7 pwa race series boards – the Firestorm V4 share the same scoop rocker line and outline, but earlier planing and easier jibing qualities have been applied to provide a more user friendly ride experience that most fast freeride sailors desire. The inserts for footstraps are more numerous and allows for inset, centered or out set positions depending on your preferences. The tail of the board has been narrowed as well as the size of the tail cut outs on the bottom of the boards. RRD's Toro tail has been reduced and moved back for increased control and upwind capabilities. The results are super fast Freride / Freerace boards that plane and jibe with greater ease and control. Be prepared to unleash your full freeride speed potential yet be able to relax and enjoy the full electrifying riding experience – Firestorm V4!

- New shapes – V4.
- LTD construction – maximized performance potential.
- Scoop rocker or the X-fire V7.
- Refined Toro tail cut-out and bevels to enhance speed and control.
- Narrower tail shape, lower volume tail.
- Multiple strap positions both inset and out.
- Tuttle box fin system.
- MFC KP Slalom G10 fins TU.
- 4 x's RRD / Dakine primo footstraps.

101 / 112 / 123 Liters

LTD: Semi custom / Innegra carbon deck glass bottom


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
RRD 123 Fire Storm Ltd V423575123Semi Custom / Innegra Carbon Deck Glass Bottom16.067.0-9.4


2017 RRD Fire Storm Ltd V4

50% off last 123L size. The new V4 is a super fast freeride board to maximize speed and maintain control. LTD construction.
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RRD 123 Fire Storm Ltd V4
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