RRD17FMW - 2018 RRD Fire Move Wood V3



Board Category: Freemove / Freeride Boards

RRD Firemove V3 WOOD – Wide Body Freemove boards
The bench mark in Freemove category is redesigned for the new generation RRD Firemove V3. These compact and fun to ride boards target early planing, easy jibing, massive wind range and a forgiving ride to allow you to maximize your freeriding and freemoving fun factor throughout a incredible wind range. Thin hull thickness, soft rails, multiple footstrap positions both inset and out, and a wide hull outline all provide riders with comfort and ease of use. The V3 New shapes build on these principles to enhance ride qualities and allow you to tap into greater performance.

COTAN design nose increases concentration of volume without increasing thickness or length. New outline has KINK into one foot off tail are for better top speed more parallel rails forward of this, and increase jibing / cornering potential, and comfort in the chop. The V3 all have 3 rows on footstrap inserts, Outer = speed, Middle = all round, Inner = maneuverability and easy access., RRD includes a MFC Liquid Pro fin with a Power box fin system with each board. Also, DK RRD primo footstraps x's 4, for excellent comfort and control.

- 4 Size and New shapes =  V3.
- COTAN nose – more compact yet stable nose area.
- KINK – tail – enhance jibing, speed, comfort in chop.
- WOOD construction – excellent performance.
- Powerbox fin box system.
- Four DK RRD footstraps.
- 3 rows on footstrap inserts, Outer = speed, Middle = All round, Inner = maneuverability and easy access.

Sizes Options:
100 / 110 / 120 / 135 Liters

WOOD: single shot / wood clear deck & mat bottom


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
RRD 120 Firemove Wood V323679120Single Shot / Wood Clear Deck & Matt Bottom17.826.8-9.0
RRD 135 Firemove Wood V324085135Single Shot / Wood Clear Deck & Matt Bottom19.587.2-9.5


2018 RRD Fire Move Wood V3

Now 20% off from $1559. Firemove V3 wide body freemove series from RRD delivers improved speed, jibing and comfort in chop and still amazingly easy & accessible performance. WOOD
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RRD 120 Firemove Wood V3
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