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RRD H-Fire 91 – Windsurf / foil board for Easy foiling and control.
This board has been carefully developed to meet the unique demands of Windfoiling. Ease of control, comfort and sufficient surface area when splashing down makes this board an excellent choice for learning and growth in this exciting new Windfoil discipline. At 236 x 91 and 150 liters of volume and width the H-Fire 91 helps you foil quickly, while the wide deck area and footstrap positions enhance your ability to maximize your control and confidence as you aquire more foiling skill sets. Specifically designed with a Deep Tuttle FOIL FIN BOX to withstand the strong forces generated from the hydrofoil mast, the sail and rider, the H-Fire 91 has all the features for a great foiling experience at all levels. Its very wide tail area designed with a Toro tail profile helps the planing capacity getting the board free and up on the foil in extremely light wind and keeps control during touch downs at high speed. A full pad in footstrap area maximizes comfort and grip under your feet and helps find the right trim positioning for your desired windfoiling experience.

- 236 x 91 cm and 150 liters.
- Wood Sandwich construction.
- A very wide tail area designed with a Toro tail profile.
- WIDE TAIL and DECK SHAPE in the foot straps area.
- FULL PAD stepping area.
- MIDDLE CARRY HANDLE for ease of carrying and handling to water.
- 4x's Dakine Primo /RRD footstraps.
- *No windsurfing fin or foil included.

236 cm x 91 cm x 150 liters, Wt. 9.3 kg / 20.4 lbs.

Wood Sandwich = EPS / Wood deck and bottom sandwich / Biaxial Glass 160 grams on deck and bottom / Custom made technology finish.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
91 H-Fire FWS23691150FWS20.5


2019 RRD H-Fire

10% off. This light wind planing & windfoil board from RRD allows planing in very light winds as well as Hydrofoiling Ease and Control. Maximize your time planing on or flying above the water.
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91 H-Fire FWS
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