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HORUE ECO 121 – Exceptional windsurf foiling board that's Ultra-light Weight.
Horue ECO is a windfoil custom board idea for foiling. Compact and light weight with an unbelieveable high quality build quality. This board is short at 216 cm and 77.5 cm wide. It's based on the most popular Tiny 120 hull design / shape to a modified construction. Developed for light wind to moderately strong wind conditions to provide you with an amazing and outstanding flight experience. Featuring double concave bottom shape and epoxy sandwich with carbon reinforced construction. The fin box system is reinforced to meet and exceed the demands that intensive use of the foils place on the fin box. It is made to incredible standards and built in Europe.

Custom designed and built for foiling, Horue is on the leading edge of technological windfoiling designs. They're the ideal for windfoil and classic Freeride windsurfing use.

Board Features:
- ECO 121 board.
- Windfoil specific use.
- Carbon reinforced construction - Built in Europe.
- Reinforced hull and fin box for windfoil intensive use.
- Deep Double concave bottom - promotes Early planing
- 4x's comfort Horue Footstraps (made in EU).
- Deep Tuttle carbon foiling reinforced fin box system.
- 1 hex key for mounting the vent screw and straps.

Specs of board:
121L – 216 x 77.5cm - Deep tuttle (7.5kg / 16.5 lbs)


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
Eco 121L


2018 Horue Eco 216

41% Off Horue Eco 121 windfoiling board that's ultra light weight and fun freefoiling performance. Comes with foot straps.
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Eco 121L
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