HR17T - 2018 Horue Tiny 110 w/ Vini LW foil & XLW wing



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Package Includes: HORUE Windfoil Tiny 110 + Vini LW Carbon Foil + XLW Carbon wing

Horue Tiny 110 is a windfoil custom board idea for foiling yet still provides excellent freeriding windsurfing experience with its supplied S1 Select fin. This board is extremely short at 210 cm and 75.8 cm wide. Referred to as a "Pocket-board" – due to how short it is. Developed for light wind to moderately strong wind conditions to provide you with an amazing and outstanding flight experience. Featuring double concave bottom shape and carbon construction – to maximize performance and minimize it's overall weight. The fin box system is reinforced to meet and exceed the demands of that intensive use of the foils place on the fin box. It is made to incredible standards and built in France. Custom designed and built for foiling it is on the leading edge of technological foiling designs and ideal for windfoil and classic Freeride windsurfing use.

Board Features:
- TINY 110 board.
- Windfoil and classical windsurfing use.
- Full Carbon wrap construction - Built in Europe.
- Reinforced hull and fin box for windfoil intensive use.
- Deep Double concave bottom - promotes Early planing
- 4 comfort Horue Footstraps (made in EU).
- Deep Tuttle Box reinforced.

Specs of board:
110L - 210x75.8cm - Deep tuttle (6.62 kg / 14.56 lbs)

HORUE VINI Hydrofoil LW (Light Wind) & XLW (Xtreme Light Wind)
This hydrofoil is specifically designed for Windfoil application and developed for light to medium wind. Mast with integrated Deep Tuttle base, Fuselage and Foil Wings are 100% carbon to provide maximum bending stiffness and torsion. Shaping aims for reduction in drag in light winds for maximum efficiency and performance through target winds in 6-25 kts wind range. The Deep Tuttle base is designed to rest on the hull of the board for easy plug-n-play box fitting. The LW and XLW wing designs are the result of six months of research on performance in light wind conditions. The wing profiles minimize drag before take off and provides a powerful lift even at low speeds, allowing very long glides even when the wind drops. The overall shape has allowed us to obtain a forward center of thrust for a very early planing. The elliptical lift distribution ensures minimum induced drag. Incredible build quality and performance sets Horue designs apart from the competition.

Foil Specs:
Mast: 33.46" / 85 cm
Fuselage: 29.5" / 75 cm
XLW Front Wing span: 35.82" / 91 cm
LW Front Wing span: 31.49" / 80 cm
Tail Wing span (est): 18.11" / 46 cm
Base: Deep Tuttle

Mast, Fuselage, Wings - Built in 100% carbon, - flex locked - built for a maximum bending stiffness and torsion. The profile of the mat has been especially designed for maximum smoothness when the wind drops, allowing the rider to use an even smaller sail than standard windfoil.

More Vini Foil Details:
Mast Features:
- Mast : 85cm, 1850g +/- 4%
- Windfoil use with xlw, lw and cruising front wing.
- 100% carbon made, made in France.
- Low Flexion and torsion with carbon tri-a.x
- 14mm bolt nut on the deep tuttle.
- Trimming system on the hull to fit all boards: "plug 'n play".
- Clever adjustment of the setting of stabilizer to fit to all navigation styles: "smart trim system".
- Floating mast and wings.
- Sealed Aluminium CNC mold.

LW Foil (Light Front Wing) Features:
- Wingspan 80cm
- 100% carbon - flex locked
- Elliptical lift distribution - the lowest induced drag
- Forwarded thrust centre- early planing
- High Cz template - powerful lift
- Sealed Aluminium CNC mold
- Take off in 8 kts wind
- Windfoil use only in 8-22 kts

XLW Wing - Features:
- Wingspan 91cm
- 100% carbon - flex locked
- Elliptical lift distribution - the lowest induced drag
- Forwarded thrust centre- early planing
- High Cz template - powerful lift
- Sealed Aluminium CNC mold
- Take off in under 8 knots wind if pumping (smaller or super efficient riders)
- Windfoil use only in 6-15 kts

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Customer testimonial: "Woke up to sup but waves were crap and it was too windy. So I drove to the Long Island sound. Put up a 5.0 in 10-15 knots. I got it. Totally. Foiled from over to Connecticut and back. Totally got my pilots license. Probability spent 3 hours at it. Love it. Another guy was on his 7.5 and on and off a plane. I was fine with the 5.0. The board is really the right board to learn on."


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
110 Tiny w/ Vini XL Foil w XLW wing


2018 Horue Tiny 110 w/ Vini LW foil & XLW wing

Now 20% off. The lightest board/foil combination available. 110 Tiny + LW foil + XLW wing targets riders foiling in 8-25 knots winds. Includes: Board, Foil, 2 front wings, Ship credit.
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110 Tiny w/ Vini XL Foil w XLW wing
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