NSW18SSHD - 2018 North Super Session HD



Sail Category: Wave / Bump / Allround

North Sails Super Session - HD – Ultimate FreeWave Sail
This sail has been developed to directly address Freestyle wave category board performance. It has been designed to maximize you confidence and control whether you are chop hopping, riding swells, riding waves or freeriding in rougher water conditions. This sail features a 5 batten profile and full X-ply construction sail panels throughout. A draft forward design generates early low-end power while the hollowed lower leech increases stability and reduces flutter – allowing you to maximize control push this sail into overpowered conditions with confidence. It is an easy handling sail that features a weight optimized panel layout to reduce the sails weight without compromising durability. The X-ply window plus X-ply Plus (colored panel areas) and near unbreakable epoxy construction battens make this sail not only robust in construction but built for years of use and abuse.

If Freewave sailing is your target performance criteria – then Super Session HD sails will be an ideal choice to consider.

Sail Features – Super Session HD:
- Full X-ply – non mono-film window version.
- X-Ply Plus construction – for durability and Uv resistance (all colored panels).
- 4 battens layout – all Epoxy – durability.
- Balanced Luff Length – shortest boom
- Hollow Lower Leech – (scooped leech outline) prevents leech flutter.
- Dura Luff Patch – reinforced boom open area prevents wear.
- iRocket 2.0 is a Pre-calibrated batten tension system – factory tuned.
- TT. Top – concave head shap – improves sail control.
- HTS- Harness line indicator sail markings.
- VTS – visual trim in sail panel aid proper down-haul trim.
- iBumper molded mast protector.
- Vario Top on 4.0-4.8 only. Fix 5.2 + sizes.
- 2 mast sizes (400, 430) can cover full size range.
- 2 year warranty.

4.0, 4.4, 4.8, 5.2, 5.6, 6.0, 6.4

Super Session HD Color:
C07= red / blue


Brand Model Area Luff Boom Mast Battens
NORTHSuper Session4.4m2398158370/4005
NORTHSuper Session4.8m2413165400/4305
NORTHSuper Session6.0m24561794305


2018 North Super Session HD

30% off in stock sizes. This HD sail targets maximizing performance for bump-n-jump, wave riding and freewave sailing control and maneuverability.
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