SV18C - 2018 Severne Convert



Sail Category: Freeride No-cam Sail

Severne CONVERT – User Friendly Freeride Performance
This sail targets recreational riders looking for a light weight, easy to rig and comfortable freeride sail. Full of great features and quality construction, the Converts combination of x-ply panels with Dacron flex panels – generates a comfortable feel that's very smooth in the riders hands. Targeting progressing windsurfers, it's built to be easy to rig and use. With soft feel and draft forward shaping it pulls in a relaxed manner yet provides nice stability and is well balanced. Dropped clew allows shorter boom length – while minimal seam construction reduces weight. Excellent choice for progressing beginner and intermediates that desire user friendly freeride sail to take them through the next levels of skill development.

Convert Sail Features:
- Price conscious freeride no-cam sail.
- 4-5 Batten profile.
- 4 batten 4.8-5.4 sizes.
- 5 Batten 6.0-8.5 sizes.
- X-ply panels and window area.
- Seamless head and foot construction.
- Dacron Flex Panels – provides shock absorbing qualities and a softer ride.
- Dropped Clew – reduced boom length requirements.
- Upgraded fittings.
- 3-4 pulley tack fitting.
- Fixed head design on all sizes.

4.8, 5.4, 6.0, 6.7, 7.5, 8.5

X-ply upper and lower panels, Dacron flex panels.


Brand Model Area Luff Boom Mast Battens


2018 Severne Convert

30% off last 8.5m2. User Friendly freeride no-cam sail that's light and combines dacron with x-ply construction.
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