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Slingshot Dialer Windsurf Foilboard– Freeriding for Easy touch and go foiling
Slingshot designed this board to be very user friendly for first time windfoilers. With a longer shape it's ideal for learning to windfoil by allowing more forgiving touch-n-go foiling qualities. As your skills improve - the Dialer will allow you to go up and down wind with ease. Equipped with a special reinforced windfoil box, these boards are made to take the extra load stresses that Hydrofoils place on boards over time. These boards work great as all around freeride boards with used with a fin.

Dialer Features:
- 2 size options, 130 / 145.
- Longer nose design for easier touch and go's.
- Stable easy uphauling.
- Top all a rounder for freeriding with a foil.
- Windfoil Box - Deep Tuttle Fin Box with extra reinforcements.
- Board construction built extra tough for high load demands from foiling.
- Great for Hover Glide Fwind1 and Fwind2 foils.
- Tail cut outs for optimizing freeriding performance with fin.
- Balanced foot strap placement for correct stance over foil.
- Includes all mounting hardware.
- * Footstraps are not included.

Size Options:
145 = 7’6” x 30.5” x 4 7/10” x 145 L
130 = 7’6” x 27.5” x 4 3/5” x 130 L

Epoxy Sandwich - more details to come.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
145 Dialer22977145Composite23


2018 Slingshot Dialer

Now on Sale...$1399! The Dialer are excellent windfoil boards for learning foiling and freeriding with a fin.
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145 Dialer
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