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Slingshot Wizard Windsurf Foilboard Easy foiling, control and minimum swing weight.
The Wizard boards offer expanded ride performance qualities due to the distinctively low swing weight and their ultra compact designs. This shape allows riders to progress and advance through tacking, jibing and tricks without restrictions. Though they're wide and short they still provide excellent float qualities for uphauling in light winds. The tail designs also feature cut outs for rapid surface area reduction when freeriding with a fin. Construction is beefed up to withstand the forces of windfoiling on the box and the hull with considerable reinforcements. The cut outs can also improve carving angles when foiling. The beauty of these shapes is that they're performance limits are what you place upon yourself. Explore your potential – consider the Wizards.

Wizard Features:
- 3 size options, 105 / 125 / 150.
- Ultra compact lengths.
- Virtually no swing weight while flying.
- Wide and Stable allows easy uphauling.
- Top Performers for advanced freerding with a foil.
- Windfoil Box - Deep Tuttle Fin Box with extra reinforcements.
- Board construction built extra tough for high load demands from foiling.
- Great for Hover Glide Fwind1 and Fwind2 foils.
- Tail cut outs for optimizing freeriding performance with fin.
- Balanced footstrap placement for correct stance over foil.
- Includes all mounting hardware.
- * Footstraps are not included.

Size Options:
105 = 5’10”x 30” x 4 1/2” x 105 L
125 = 6’6” x 31” x 4 1/2” x 125 L
150 = 6’8” x 34”x 4 4/5”x 150 L

Epoxy Sandwich - - more details to come.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
150 Wizard20386.1150Composite24


2018 Slingshot Wizard

Now on sale....$1399!. The Wizard are excellent windfoil boards for advanced freeriding with a foil.
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