SB18CIQF - 2018 Starboard Carve IQ Flax Balsa



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Starboard CarveIQ Foil – A plug and play Freemove - Windfoil Crossover Board
The Carve IQ foil is a Freemove Freeride and Windfoil capable design available in a wide range of size options to suit your personal windsurfing board needs. For 2018 this model combines 2017 AtomIQ with the 2017 Carve series for one name. In the Foil version it adds the versatility to try Windfoiling in a user friendly format. It's equipped with a Foil Box, that is reinforced to withstand heavier loads. The windsurfing dimensions include smaller sizes 124 and below are Freemove – so they have shorter wider and thinner structures to maximize planing, maneuverability and excitement. The shapes that have been modified from AtomIQ and are slightly shorter, wider tail shape and bottom shape. The larger 131 -151 are longer and narrower to provide a more of a passive planing experience that's easier for immediate success and less technical to ride = Plug-n-play. Verses the old Carve they are slightly shorter with a new bottom shape but share the same rocker profile. The nose shapes are more squash nose on the larger sizes to eliminate extra dead weight and maximize upper wind range control. All models of this series feature a Tuttle fin box now (AtomIQ were Powerbox in past). Windfoiling version is Flax Balsa construction and is equipped with a foil box.

- Construction: Flax Balsa.
- Windfoil cross-over board – works great for both windsurf and windfoil use.
- 6 size options to choose from: 104, 114, 124. 131, 141, 151
- Ultra thin structure, ultra wide outlines.
- Soft rails and drawn in tail shape.
- Tail cut-out – increase speed and handling.
- New –Double-layered contoured sponge deck pads.
- Windfoil Foil Box.
- Freeride Power CNC G-10 fins (36-48 cm).
- 4 x's Drake Slick Footstraps with size indicator adjustment tabs.
* - Foil is NOT included with this board!

104, 114, 124, 131, 141, 151

FLAX BALSA - Flax Balsa is the newest technology and an innovative technology using natural uni-directional flax fibres to add stiffness instead of carbon fibres, combined with an end-grain balsa bottom sandwich and a recyclable PET foam deck sandwich. Additional foil-specific construction is added that includes extra reinforcements for foiling along with Windfoil DT fin box.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
Carve IQ Flax Balsa 10423171.5104Flax/Balsa sandwich15.45.0-8.0
Carve IQ Flax Balsa 11423176114Flax/Balsa sandwich16.15.5-8.5


2018 Starboard Carve IQ Flax Balsa

35% off. Versatile and user friendly crossover boards for Freemove, Freeride, and Windfoiling. Flax Balsa Construction.
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