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Starboard Foil 147 – Windfoiling and lightwind windsurf board in one.
Starboard has taken their popular Ultrasonic and modified it for windfoiling use. Due to its 95cm width the board provides excellent leverage over the foil for early and easy foiling. At 241 cm length coupled with slightly tucked rails – it also allows for easy take off and control over touch and go and splash downs. The hull thickness and tail shape have been modified for cleaner deck design. A windfoil box and additional reinforcements have been made to the hull to support stresses applied when windfoiling. This board also performs great as a lightwind fin driven windsurfing board. If you are pursuing lightwind windsurfing and windfoiling – this is an excellent board to consider.

- 1 size = 147.
- 2 construction options – Technora, Reflex Carbon.
- Versatile Windfoil and Lightwind Freeride performance board.
- Reinforced bottom, nose and foil box for windfoil use.
- Flat vee to mono concave bottom shape.
- Clean deck and modified tail shape.
- Slight rail tuck = forgiving foiling splash downs and windsurfing comfort.
- Multiple footstrap inserts, inside or outside for two rows of 5 inserts.
- Sail target range = 5.5m² – 9.8m²
- Recommended for foils up to 95 cm deep.
- Foil Box - DeepTuttle
- 4x's Drake Slick strap- footstraps.
- *No foil or fin supplied.

Size / Specs:
147 = 241 cm x 95 cm and 10.8 cm thickness, 147 liters

Technora - A high performance construction. Full PVC sandwich deck and bottom with biaxial glass and Technora reinforcements for a combination of lightweight, strength and stiffness. Additional windfoiling reinforcements added to nose and tail including windFoil DT fin box.

*Reflex Carbon - limited edition construction. These are SB's lightest boards built in the most exclusive, lightest grade biaxial carbon fibres on top of their innovative UltraCore sandwich core. Additional windfoiling reinforcements added to nose and tail including windFoil DT fin box.
* Special orders - non-stocking construction.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
147 Foil Technora24195147Technora20.95.5m2-9.8m2
147 Foil Reflex Carbon24195147Reflex Carbon18.35.5m2-9.8m2


2018 Starboard Foil 147

On Sale Starboard's light to moderate wind - windfoiling and windsurfing board in one. Technora & Reflex construction.
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