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Starboard WindSUP Inflatable 11'2" x 32" Blend Zen - Balanced wind and Sup all-rounder
The new SB Windsup Inflatables are loaded with improvements and features. These boards are ideal for use in both windsurfing and SUP. The 11'2"x 32" Blend Zen provides a great balance of length and width that's ideal for learning windsurfing, progression and efficient paddling. Fun and versatile, it is ideal for all purpose use. Good directionally stable through its 11'2" length and modest width. It provides very good glide paddling in flat water and is stable enough for small wave use. It is a great all-round performer.
The 2018 features improved construction with New thickness on ZEN that's now 6" drop stitch for increased stiffness and flotation. Also Zen New Center Removable Fin Box System aids stability and upwind windsurfing when installed for windsurfing. Remove fin and fin box for increased paddling and advanced windsurfing performance, drag reduction and higher efficiency. The Footstrap inserts with placement options will foster advanced windsurfing learning & progression. Four easy to install footstraps are also included. The "mushroom mast box" is strong and secure along with increased deck plate for better load distribution on deck of the board. New Roller Bag for 2018 for improved fit, easier side and top-load opening.

- New = 6" Drop-Stich Technology = Improved Stiffness.
- Reinforced rails with 2000 denier sandwich rail stiffener
- Visable HD biax rail band for increased strength, stiffness and twist prevention
- Mast box "Mushroom" insert
- A new deck plate distributes the top load over a large area for added stiffness.
- Footstrap inserts (7mm thick)with multiple placement options
- 4 foot straps - easy to install and adjustable are included
- Removable Center Fin Box = improve paddling and advanced windsurfing performance.
- US fin box x's 2 (middle and rear of board)
- 22 cm Drake Shallow fin x's 2 – promotes direction traction in shortest length
- D-rings front and aft for towing (front) and leash use (aft)
- V8 Double Action Pump – for fast and easier pumping cycles
- New Roller-Wheeled Bag that packs everything away tidily and conveniently.

Size / Specs:
11'2" x 32" x 6" (12.8 kg) 330 liters volume

Recommended sail range:
3.0 – 7.0 m2

6" Drop-Stitch-Technology for extra stiffness. 2000D Twin Compression Stringer deck and bottom (shape control & stiffness), Compression rail band increases stiffness and .9mm nose and tail rail ban for optimum rocker control.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
11'2x32" Blend Inflatable Zen11'2" 32"330Inflatablena3.0-7.0


2018 Starboard Windsup 11'2 Blend Inflatable Zen

Now $200 off. The 11'2" x 32" Blend Inflatable Zen is a great all rounder with balanced windsurf and SUP performance.
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11'2x32" Blend Inflatable Zen
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