SB18WSCR - 2018 Starboard Windsup Compact Rig



Program: Recreational Rig / Entry level / WindSUP x-over

Starboard Compact Rig – Travel rig for Windsup and Windsurf Inflatable boards
This Windsup package is ideal for ease of airline transport, limited storage space and compact vehicles. Updated and improved design for greater performance and stiffness. New size offering of 4.5, built-in mast pad and increased batten length. This Compact rig features: foldable dacron sail, 4-pc epoxy mast, new 3-pc boom, improved skinny mast base extension with pulley hook included, mechanical UJ 1-bolt base, and compact carrying case. The new sail has 2 battens, larger viewing window and built-in mast pad. The boom is stiffer with new clamp-on boom head and integrated monocoque boom front section as well as improved tail and adjustment clip system fittings. EP Base Extension has been beefed up so it is stronger with an improved adjustment collar and now sail pulley hook included. The Base is a mechanical 1-bolt for easier attachment in the water. The new Compact rig is an ideal rig choice for Inflatable WindSup and Windsurf boards, travelers, and persons with storage and transportation concerns. Available in 4.5, 5.5 or 6.5 m2 sail sizes.

- Sail = Durable Dacron sail cloth, 2 battens, vinyl window, mast pad - improved wind range.
- Mast = 4-pc RDM 430 epoxy mast (4 equal length sections)
- Boom = 3-pc Adjustable clamp-on boom(improved)
- EP Base extension "skinny alloy" (improved) with pulley hook attached (size 5.5 and 6.5 only!)
-* 4.5 includes a EP fixed base (plastic) with pulley hook.
- 1- bolt EP mechanical uj base.
- New Storage Carry bag made w/ recyled materials. Holds complete rig (disassembled).
- Uphaul

Size Options:
*4.5, 5.5, 6.5 m2
* see 4.5 base description above.


Model Size Luff Boom Battens Mast


2018 Starboard Windsup Compact Rig

$649 for 6.5m2 size. Ideal recreational travel rig for inflatable windsup / windsurf boards. Ultra compact and new size offering.
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Compact Rig 6.5
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