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Sail Category: Freeride No-Cam

2019 Ezzy CHEETAH - No-Cam – delivering Effortless Speed.
The Cheetah is a flat water freeride blasting sail that delivers a Light and Stable feel with tremendous wind range. The new 2019 Cheetah features new colors and is a continuation of the incredibly successful 2018 design. These shaped panels of the Cheetah – give it the appearance of a camber induced sail. It's deep, forward profile actually comes from the broadseaming sewn into the panels. This means that shape is “baked” into the sail when it's sewn together (think molded sail) and dramatically increase the draft and stability of the Ezzy sails. Scrim-X Luff panel increases forward draft above boom. The results are sails that deliver power and control with easy jibes.
The Cheetah is built with reinforced Spectra X-ply, Technora, ripstop scrim-X, and a Weft-Stop anti-rip sleeve cloth and RBS custom Epoxy battens. Every seam is glued and covered before being sewn. Spectra X-ply is used in main body panels of the Cheetah due to it's incredibly tear resistance, strength to weight ratio and UV resistance. Technora is used in the leach panels due to it's High tensile strength, fatigue resistance and dimensional stability. The Scrim-x Luff Panel makes the sail more forgiving and easier to handle, especially in gusty winds to get planing sooner and feel more responsive, while the use in the upper panels also dramatically reduce weight. Weft-Stop anti-rip cloth mast sleeve construction reduces bias stretch and improves performance. RBS Epoxy battens are custom made to support draft forward sail profile with uncompromising durability. Load cell rigging and tuning of every sail at the Ezzy Factory ensures quality control and plug and play performance from the first time you rig and go windsurfing.
David Ezzy owns his own factory because no other factory can produce the quality of sails he demands. In the Ezzy factory, every Cheetah is rigged on the correct mast with the correct downhaul and outhaul. And then each batten is tuned. After all that, every inch of the sail is thoroughly inspected to make sure it meets the quality standards. When a customer receives an Ezzy sail it is ready for you to plug and play from day one! The Cheetah represents David Ezzy's lifetime love of windsurfing and making sails...so you can go fast.

- Freeride no-cam sail.
- Deep draft forward design.
- Sail Cloth = Spectra X-ply, Technora, Rip Stop Scrim-x, and Weft-Stop anti-rip sleeve.
- Vinyl Window (won't fog).
- No Monofilm = longer life expectancy and less brittle due to sun exposure.
- Endo Batten Shaping = overlapping sail panels, strong batten pockets to Lock the draft forward.
- 6-7 RBS Epoxy battens – custom made – incredibly durable!
- Calibrated downhaul – pre-tuned at factory, precise downhaul tuning with Ezzy masts.
- 3 Pulley Stainless tack fitting.
- Heavy Duty mast pad with mesh pocket and batten tensioning tool.
- Top haul system with short and long straps included.
- Heavy duty sail bag with vented end.

Size options:
6 Batten sizes: 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0
7 Batten sizes: 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.5

Color options:
Yellow/blue, Red/blue


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2019 Ezzy Cheetah

15% off. Limited inventory remaining! This Freeride no-cam sail delivers uncompromised speed, power, stability and range in a plug-n-play sail of impeccable quality and design.
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