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Sail Category: Cam Freeride Sail

Ezzy Lion 4– Fast & Easy twin cam sail.
The Lion 4 keeps on improving this popular design for increased performance and a lighter feel. 2019 is a continuation in design for Lion 4. This is a powerful and easy to control cam sail that bridges the advantages of camber-inducers with the comfort of a no-cam freeride sail. Featuring a new luff sleeve construction that gets you planing sooner with a more responsive feel. The cam and draft above boom has a bit more forward shape. Also new is the scrim luff panel (replaces Dacron panel found on Lion 3) that makes the sails more forgiving and easier to handle, especially in gusty winds. This combination of shaping and material changes give the Lion 4 a more stable and lighter feel. Ezzy's unique 2-cam system can accommodate any combination of mast diameter – from SDM to RDM and old generation to new making this the one cam sail that can be rigged on your existing masts. An Easy to rig and sail that delivers exceptional performance and range – the Lion 4.

Lion 4 Sail Features:
- 2 camber induced sail
- 6 battens 6.0-7.0 sizes
- 7 battens 7.5-9.5 sizes
- 7.0 sail size added - Lion 4.
- More stable and lighter feel.
- Scrim Luff panel.
- Mast sleeve construction. Reduced bias stretch – improves performance.
- More shape forward above boom - cam.
- Progressive batten spacing = smoother twist properties.
- Spectra X-ply and vinyl window = No Monofilm.
- Adjustable top haul /cap system .
- Built to last.

6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5

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2019 Ezzy Lion

15% off A no-hassle 2 cam convertible sail. The Lion 4 is light, powerful, fast and easy to use. No Monofilm and RDM and SDM compatible.
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