EZ14LZR - 2019 Ezzy Zephyr Rig



Program: Performance Freeride Rig – Longboard / WindSUP

Ezzy Zephyr Rig Package
This Performance rig package targets performance longboards and WindSUP boards in light to moderate wind conditions. It's a no-cam freeride design that also works great with modern short boards. The components include; Zephyr 7.5 sail, RRD Avant T-9 Monocoque AL boom, GT C60 carbon mast, Aeron 1-bolt EP mast base, Aeron Medium HD AL EP extension and an uphaul.

SAIL: Ezzy Zephyr 7.5
The Zephyr takes us back when you could go out in 10 knots or less and have a really fun time. The long boom length combined with the stable profile gives the Zephyr the power of an 8.5 and the control of a 6.5. It is light and easy to throw around. The Zephyr is a blast to sail on Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) boards, new school (and old) long boards as well as freeride boards. The Zephyr has a camber-like profile without using cams. It has a deep and draft forward foil which is what you want for light air sailing. 6 batten design for light weight yet stable feel. For stronger wind, apply more outhaul to flatten the profile. Build quality is excellent on the Zephyr.

These are 2-pc SDM (standard diameter) prepreg Carbon mast designed specifically to rig best with Ezzy sails to insure great shape, excellent performance and value. GT C60 is 60% carbon. 460Cm sold with 7.5.

BOOM: RRD Avant AL T-9
RRD Avant T-9 boom is a monocoque design with 29 mm boom grip, 60 cm of adjustment range and T-9 aluminum construction that's light weight and provides impressive stiffness.It has a adjustment range of 180-240 cm.

Base / Extension / Uphaul:
Aeron 1-bolt EP tendon base, Aeron HD AL standard Medium EP extension, Gaastra uphaul. All are very high quality and performance driven components.

Rig Size:
*7.5 = 6 batten profile.

Note: Rig component substitutions of equal or greater value may take place, based on availability.

*Shipping inclusion: We include up to $50 shipping on rigs to most locations within the continental USA.


Model Size Luff Boom Battens Mast
Zephyr Rig7.5485-489215-2266460


2019 Ezzy Zephyr Rig

Amazing performance rig in light to moderate wind conditions. Includes: T-9 boom, carbon mast, rig accessories & Ship inclusion.
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Ezzy Zephyr Rig 7.5
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