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Sail Category: Bump-n-jump, Wave, High Wind

EZZY Zeta 2019-20: Powerful On-Shore Wave & High Wind, Bump-n-Jump sail!
The New Zeta is a powerful, easy to control, balanced and stable design. It's ideal for on-shore type wind and wave conditions as well as bump-n-jump sailing on lakes and rivers. It delivers early planing, stability and large wind range that allows you to sail fast and in control especially when the conditions are gusty or rough. The power range is also well suited to larger riders. The extra power and stability in the sail's profile are balanced by the luff panel, which gives the Zeta its easy maneuverability. Riders will get a "locked-in-and-go" feeling off the beach but jibes, jumps, and wave rides are still easy. Due to the Zeta's high-tech cloth construction it's not only light weight – but also strong and durable. Made to withstand big waves, coral reefs and rough rigging environments through use of Spectra X ply and ripstop scrim-X sail cloth, Weft-Stop anti-rip mast sleeve, RBS solid epoxy battens to name a few – materials that set these sails apart from the competition for years of dependability and temendous performance.
Graham Ezzy's sail of choice for professional wave sailing competition. "When I’m competing, I have only 12 minutes in each heat to do all my jumps, wave rides, and tricks. I need a sail that planes early and flies around fast so that I can make the best use of every minute of my heat. The Zeta has constant power that drives through the lulls, currents, and chop so that I am always planing even when the conditions are tough. The luff panel allows the Zeta to de-power, making it perfect for all my tricks—like backloops, takas, and wave rides.”

- Light weight 5 batten design.
- Wide wind range, perfect for wave and freeride sailing.
- Sail Materials: Spectra X-film, ripstop scrim-X, Vinyl window, Weft-Stop anti-rip mast sleeve.
- RBS Epoxy battens (made in the US) are stiff and very strong.
- Refined leech twist improves both low-end and high-end.
- Color ripstop scrim X – adds color and is light and strong!
- Calibrated Rigging System makes rigging fast and exact on Ezzy masts.
- Printed downhaul indicators for rigging non-ezzy masts also.
- Beefy padded mast pad.
- Stainless 3 pulley tack block.
- Heavy duty sail bag – with vented bottom.
- All the high-end features you've come to expect from an Ezzy.
- All sails are Pre-rigged and tuned in Ezzy factory.

3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.7, 5.0, 5.2, 5.5, 5.8, 6.4, 6.8

"Quiver discounts available on Ezzy models - call for details."


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2019 Ezzy Zeta Used

Up to 40% off A powerful on-shore wave, bump-n-jump, high wind sail design with huge wind range and control. Light weight and easy maneuverability.
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