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Fanatic Viper 85 - – Learn to windsurf and progress with success
The 2019 Fanatic Viper is designed to allow beginners not only to succeed quickly, but allow for rapid progress and skill development into full speed planing and footstrap use. The Viper 85 targets larger riders with more volume and stability. It is an ultra versatile shape that provides true light wind glide qualities with more advanced fun board performance in one board. If you’re looking to get into the sport of windsurfing, then the Viper is your ticket to ride! The compact hull shapes along with an easy to use retractable daggerboard and EVA soft deck provides riders with user friendly features that everyone can appreciate. High Resistance Skin (HRS) offers tough durability across all of the available sizes and the four different widths means the Viper range is exceptionally accommodating to every size, age and skill of rider. Unique outlines and bottom shaping provide riders with excellent ride qualities and versatility through out a wide range of sailing conditions. Updated footstrap placement inserts are refined for easier access and performance. Giving confidence to newbies for those first steps onto the board, or speeding away in the harness, even using the footstraps for the first time, progression with the Viper will seem effortless.

- Viper 85 – 220 liters of volume.
- HRS = High Resistance Skin construction.
- Softdeck surface - No pain = gain!
- CAD engineered power rocker line for optimum waterline.
- V – deep concave nose section to benefit directional glide and comfort.
- Flat panel V of the tail, slight concaves through the nose and center for early planing and control when cutting through the chop.
- Simple mastfoot steering, glide and control is ensured by the longer outline.
- Thinner outline for mastering foot steering.
- Pintail for easy release when learning to master the jibe.
- Removable daggerboard for light wind tracking, while a sealable slot is available for high wind use.
- Multiple footstrap settings for great versatility – updated for 2017.
- Handle holds on front and back (removable) – for ease of transport and handling.
- Full Retractable Daggerboard System.
- Power box.
- Fanatic Comfort footstraps x 4.
- Fin = Viper 34 cm.
Sizes / Specs:
85 =220 liters of volume, 285 cm length, 85 cm width.
HRS - High Resistance Skin composite technology – an optimum weight and durable construction for everyday use. A thick, durable outer skin gives the board hull high strength, plus ding and impact resistance. Strategic use of Glass reinforcements ensures an adequate stiffness. Used on the standard Gecko, as well as on the Viper / Ripper ranges in combination with a user-friendly EVA deck.

RRD EasyRide MK7 Rig:
Targets - Beginners and Accessible Performance
RRD Easy Ride MK7 rig package is about easy, accessible and compact performance. It targets new comers and delivers quality, easy handling, ease of rigging and is very light weight. Dacron colored sail materials with large x-ply window aid strength and performance. The 5.5 size features X-ply colored sail panels with a monofilm window and 4 battens. All sizes now feature a low boom cut-out and a low eyelet to fit a double boom system for teaching kids on the fly. Beautiful colors and nicely packaged with everything you need to have fun and successful windsurfing experiences. Excellent value and performance for new windsurfers.
Rig components include; 2-pc Epoxy RDM mast (340-415cm), Easy Ride T-8 AL Boom w/rdm only fbe (140-190/26mm =4.5,5.0, 160-210/29mm = 5.5), Fixed EP Mast Base Extension, 1-bolt EP mechanical mast foot, Bungee uphaul, ropes and carrying case.
Size Options:
4.0 Orange (18), 4.5 Green, 5.0 Blue, 5.5 Orange pattern.

Gaastra Hybrid-HD Rig:
Targets– Advanced beginners to Intermediate “All Round Performance”
The new Gaastra Hybrid HD recreational freeride sail is packaged with high quality components to provide you with exceptional performance and value in a freeride rig. This is Gaastra's convertible sail range that targets progressive intermediate to advanced skilled riders. All sizes are Full HD (Heavy Duty x-ply) construction (US only) to ensure durability, quality and performance. It gets the "convertible" tag due to variation in batten configuration and sail shape by size. The small size 4.7 feature 4 battens - flat water to wave use and maneuverability. The mid sizes sails 5.2-6.4 feature 5 battens targeting more freeride bump-n-jump type use = stability with power.
Rig components include; Gaastra C30 - 30% RDM (400 (4.7,5.2) 430 (5.6, 6.4). GA Wave / Freeride AL T-8 Boom (140-190 cm =4.7-5.6 sails, 170-220 = 6.4 sail), Aeron 1-bolt EP tendon base, GA RDM AL 35 cm EP extension, Bungee uphaul, GA All in One Bag, sail bag, padded mast bag.
Rig Size Options:
4.7, 5.2, 5.6, 6.4
Colors: C1 (blue), C3 (red)

Ezzy Legacy Rig:
Targets– Intermediate to Advanced skills “Performance no-cam freeride sail”
The Legacy is an excellent sail for freeriding, bump-n-jump and freewave use. Full x-ply sail cloth construction with no-monofilm. It's durable and packs a lot of punch for the dollar. Excellent wind range and loaded with features, this economical priced Ezzy sail is ideal for those who expect Ezzy's reputation, build quality and performance. The difference is David eliminates some of the extra bells and whistles of his premier line while still delivering sublime performance and durability. The Small sizes favor bump-n-jump and wave sailing while the larger sizes target freeride performance. The Legacy is a great performance and value sail for the price!
Rig components include; Aeron MCT T9 AL 160-220 boom, GT CC 60% carbon RDM 2-pc mast (Size: 400 w/4.7-5.2, 430 w/ 5.5-6.5, 460 w/ 7.5), Aeron 1-bolt EP mast base, Aeron Medium RDM AL EP extension and a Gaastra uphaul.
Note: Rig component substitutions of equal value may take place, based on availability.
Rig Size Options:
4.7, 5.2, 5.5, 5.8, 6.5, 7.5
Colors = vary based on availability.

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2019 Fanatic Viper 85 Package

Prices reduced. This Fanatic Viper 85 package targets medium to large entry to intermediate windsurfers seeking, easy learning success and advanced skill development. Includes; board, rig.
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Viper 85 w/EasyRide 4.0 Rig
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Viper 85 w/EasyRide 4.5 Rig
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Viper 85 w/EasyRide 5.5 Rig
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Viper 85 w/Hybrid HD 4.7 Rig
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Viper 85 w/Hybrid HD 5.2 Rig
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Viper 85 w/Hybrid HD 5.6 Rig
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Viper 85 w/Legacy 4.7 Rig
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Viper 85 w/Legacy 5.2 Rig
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Viper 85 w/Legacy 5.5 Rig
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Viper 85 w/Legacy 5.8 Rig
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Viper 85 w/Legacy 6.5 Rig
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Viper 85 w/Legacy 7.5 Rig
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