JP19FS - 2019 JP Funster Sport



Board Category: Recreational / Progressive

JP Funster Sport ASA/EVA – "Sporty Daggerboard Ride"
This concept combines the stability a beginner needs with the sporty planing feel an advanced rider wants. Available in 3 sizes; 145, 165 and 195. Unlike many wide body beginner boards, the Funster Sport feature narrow and long hulls and a retractable daggerboard system. Once you advance and master the basics, the Funster Sport shape lifts up to a glide in light winds offering that 'Funboard feeling' instantly. On the plane it is and feels much faster, more sporty and livelier than wide body beginner boards. Carving a planing arc through the water makes jibing great fun. Touring, exploring and enjoying the coastline from the water makes riding this board a new experience. Their comfortable EVA decks have various footstrap options from an easy inboard cruising setup to a sportier stance out on the rail of the board. It fulfills its duties as beginner board and shines with its enormous range of use, progressively unleashing its sporty potential the better you get! Play, learn, cruise, glide and have fun in all conditions. This board covers it all – a true all-round fun board.

- ASA / EVA construction.
- Integrated nose handle.
- Full EVA deck.
- Carrying strap handle at tail.
- Multiple position Footstrap Inserts.
- 4x’s JP Footstraps.
- Daggerboard system.
- 61 cm plastic daggerboard.
- Power box fin box.
- Freeride 38cm performance fin.

145, 165, 195
* = non-stocking sizes. Call for special orders.
Construction: ASA Sandwich Technology: ASA bottom with full EVA deck padding.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
165 Funster Sport ASA EVA27575165ASA/EVA27.14.5-9.0
195 Funster Sport ASA EVA28082.5195ASA/EVA30.64.5-9.0


2019 JP Funster Sport

20% off. This board is ideal for sporty entry to progressive riders. Daggerboard and Performance fin w/Full EVA padded deck. ASA construction.
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165 Funster Sport ASA EVA
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195 Funster Sport ASA EVA
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