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Board Category: Progressive Freeride

JP Magic Ride ES Family – Versatile progressive freeride board for entire family.
JP targets this board as a great beginner board for lighter weight riders or progressive board for those that have already mastered fundamentals with goals towards progression into freeride performance. The same shape of JP's freemove Magic Ride 142 and 154 but with additions of large EVA deck pad, center removable fin system and more footstrap inserts. The large EVA deck surface makes climbing on (and falling) more forgiving. The removable center fin system enables greater stability and upwind capabilities in light winds. Remove the fin and insert the powerbox blank and you have a large freeride performance platform with excellent planing and jibing qualities ideal for progression and advanced skilled riders. The additional footstrap inserts allow early exposure to forward footstrap use, while the rest of the inserts will adapt well to progression to advance performance. Epoxy Sandwich construction for durability and years of dependability.
The MR ES Family comes with two fins to be used in assisting riders skills and performance goals. Large performance 52 cm fin can aid stability and upwind performance when inserted into front fin box while smaller 34 rear plastic fin will help steering pivot point to assist entry level riders. When the wind picks up and riders desire early planing performance simply remove the front fin and replace rear with performance 52 fin and you'll have a true freemove performance board. In performance rear fin mode it can easily plane up with little effort and achieve good top ends speeds. Reaching off the wind is fun and fulfilling, while learning carve jibes is forgiving of less skilled riders and can help build confidence to achieve successful outcomes. So if you're in the market for a board that's versatile for a wide range of user skills, is forgiving and comfortable to ride – the Magic Ride Family 142 and 154 could be a great solution for your needs!

- Two sizes: 142, 154.
- Center fin box – to expand versatility and use.
- Epoxy Sandwich construction.
- Large 2/3 EVA deck pad – aids comfort.
- 2 powerbox fin boxes = 1 center, 1 rear.
- 34 cm plastic fin.
- 52 cm Ride fiberglass fin.
- Multiple footstrap inserts.
- JP adjustable footstraps = Qty 4.

Sizes/ Specs:
142 = 249 L x 81 W x 142 vol, 9.8 kg / 21.9 lbs
154 = 251 L x 84 W x 154 vol, 11 kg / 24.3 lbs

ES = Epoxy Sandwich Technology.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
142 Magic Ride FAMILY ES
154 Magic Ride FAMILY ES25184154Epoxy Sandwich Tech24.36.6 +


2019 JP Magic Ride FAMILY

27% off. A great freeride board from first timers to progressing intermediates. Center removable fin, large Eva deck surface. ES construction.
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