NPFO10GWD - 2019 Neil Pryde Glide Wind 160 Powerbox



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Neil Pryde Glide Wind AL Foil - Easy to learn, cruise and carve foil!
New – easy to learn windfoiling the Glide is an all-round foil that focuses on extreme stability, early flying and easy carving. It has a very early take-off at low speeds– for building comfort and confidence. 70 cm mast length keeps the flight pattern lower and easy to control. It is designed with round edges on the wings for safety and engineered so that the lowest possible speed is required for take-off. Targeting use with smaller sail sizes and any bigger freemove, wave or freestyle board or medium sized freeride and freerace boards. The Glides front wing shape prevents catapults and softens landings. Ideal for early windfoil stages, it's a foil that will let you experience windfoiling sensations in a comfortable and easy to use design.
I tried this foil with a free ride board and a small wave sail. It was super easy to fly and very stable in the air. It felt very comfortable, the foil lifts very quickly even in lighter wind, it doesn’t need a lot of speed to take off, which is very reassuring. - Julien Bontemps, Olympic Athlete, Windsurf Team Rider.

- New user friendly design.
- Carbon front and rear wings = pre-preg carbon layup construction for maximum durability.
- Front wing Small - Rounded edges on front wing shape prevents catapults and softens landings.
- Tail Wing down turn V design - for easy control and stability.
- Aluminum Mast - 6061-T6 aluminium..
- Aluminum fuselage - CNC machined.
- M8 titanium plated Stainless Steel bolts.
- Base = Powerbox - New CNC reinforced Base Connect.
-* Spar Parts: interchangeable bases Tuttle, Pedestal Top Plate – Sold Separately!

Specs of Glide Wind Foil:
Mast: 70cm / 27.56"
Front wing span: Small: 64cm / 23.6"
Tail wing span: Small: 40cm / 15.75"
Fuselage: TBA
Base: Powerbox

Mast and Fuselage = Aluminum. Tempered, salt water corrosion resistant 6061-T6 aluminium.
Wings = Pre-preg carbon layout with inner foam



2019 Neil Pryde Glide Wind 160 Powerbox

Windfoiling made easy design that can fit pedestal mount, deep tuttle or powerbox (included) boards – ideal for freemove, freeride board use and accessible foiling success.


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