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RRD LongRider V3 Guaranteed water time!
This is a fun, performance longboard for all abilities to enjoy – without wind minimums. It is a long board in light winds and transforms into a short board feel once on a plane. This is due to unique features of its step tail design and compact volume. Ideal to ride in flat water, chop and wave conditions. It also functions well as a stand up paddle board - to guarantee you water time - regardless of the wind conditions. The Longrider is incredibly popular and one of the favorites among our customers desiring fun water time!

Beautiful Graphics. Step Tail - for double rocker section, one for light wind and one for stronger winds. Full EVA Deck - for comfort and pleasure of riding. Thin rail shape - for free feeling in maneuvers. 61cm Algeier Daggerboard. Powerbox fin system. MFC Freewave 34 fin. DaKine/ RRD footstraps x’s 4

Size / Dims:
11'2" x 27.6" / 340 x 70 cm, 180 liters, 31.2 lbs.

Gaastra Hybrid-HD Rig:
Targets– Advanced beginners to Intermediate “All Round Performance”
The new Gaastra Hybrid HD recreational freeride sail is packaged with high quality components to provide you with exceptional performance and value in a freeride rig. This is Gaastra's convertible sail range that targets progressive intermediate to advanced skilled riders. All sizes are Full HD (Heavy Duty x-ply) construction (US only) to ensure durability, quality and performance. It gets the "convertible" tag due to variation in batten configuration and sail shape by size. The small size 4.7 feature 4 battens - flat water to wave use and maneuverability. The mid sizes sails 5.2-6.4 feature 5 battens targeting more freeride bump-n-jump type use = stability with power.
Rig components include; Gaastra C30 - 30% RDM (400 (4.7,5.2) 430 (5.6, 6.4, 6.7). GA Wave / Freeride AL T-8 Boom (140-190 cm =4.7-5.6 sails, 170-220 = 6.4 sail), Aeron 1-bolt EP tendon base, GA RDM AL 35 cm EP extension, Bungee uphaul, GA All in One Bag, sail bag, padded mast bag.
Rig Size Options:
4.7, 5.2, 5.6, 6.4
Colors: C1 (blue), C3 (red)

Ezzy Zephyr Rig: Big sail power, Small sail feel, Light weight and fun!
The Ezzy Zephyr is a sail with amazing performance in light to moderate wind conditions that's ideal for new school long boards, SUP's and freeride boards . Full Spectra X-ply sail cloth with 6x's RBS battens and Ezzy legendary build quality. It takes us back when you could go out in 10 knots or less and have a really fun time. The long boom length combined with the stable profile gives the Zephyr the power of an 8.5 and the control of a 6.5. It is light and easy to throw around.
Rig components include; RRD Avant AL 180-240 boom, GT C60 60% carbon mast, Aeron AL EP extension, Aeron1-bolt EP base, and uphaul.
Rig Size Options:
Colors: Yellow, Red, Black

Note: Rig component substitutions of equal value may take place, based on availability.

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RRD Longrider V3 Package

V3 is a versatile performance long board ideal for light to moderate wind conditions. Sold complete w/rig options and $75 ship credit.
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LR V3 w/Hybrid HD 4.7 Rig
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LR V3 w/Hybrid HD 5.2 Rig
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LR V3 w/Hybrid HD 5.6 Rig
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LR V3 w/Hybrid HD 6.4 Rig
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LR V3 w/Zephyr 7.5 Rig
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