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Starboard Foil 177 Board with Team Set Carbon Performance Foil Set

Starboard FOIL 177 Carbon Reflex – Foil Racing Machine built to Win! This is Starboards flag ship race board that has already proven itself in PWA foil board racing circuit by winning 1st and 2nd overall in 2018. Designed with parallel outline, boxy rails, wide nose and significant nose scope to maximize early foiling, control and performance. Its rail shapes and new volume distribution from nose to tail allows for balanced flights. The Wide nose maximizes early take off, Parallel shape, wide tail and Thin structure benefits upwind and downwind performance angles and contributes to maximizing VMG speed potential. Also, using the Carbon Reflex construction performance, stiffness and efficiency – for a no-compromise Foil Racing Machine board.
New - Drake Ultralight footstraps are included and are ideal for foiling when foot pressure is lighter than regular windsurfing. They feature elongated screw slots to allow the rider to set their back strap extra-wide using hole spacings further apart. This allows the rider’s foot to shift forward for downwind and backwards for upwind, giving perfect trim-adjustment on the fly.

- 177 liters.
- 91 cm wide (race class limit).
- Carbon Reflex construction.
- Wide outline.
- Recommended sail range; 6.5-10m sails.
- Wide tail – 88.3 cm.
– Sharp rails.
– Thin boards.
- Foil Box.
– Drake Ultralight foot straps x's 4.
– Designed by the Foil World Champion team.

- length - 228.5 cm, width – 91cm, Tail width – 88.3cm, 12cm thick, 9.17 kg / 20.17 lbs

Starboards lightest, flagship construction that combines the lightest biaxial carbon and uni-directional flat-weaved carbon to make the lightest foil board possible. It combindes the world’s lightest grade of Toray T700 45° biaxial carbon with the lightest and crispiest sandwich materials. It is Starboards lightest and most responsive board construction ever.

Starboard Race Carbon Foil Team 1 Kit- Customize to your windfoiling performance needs!
Starboard created the ultimate combination windfoiling kit – Gt Team Kit. This is sold with one mast, two front and rear wing sets, two different length fuselage and a padded carrying case. The mast and wings are 100% pre-preg Toray carbon to maximize stiffness and performance. The fuselage are constructed of 6061 aluminum due to stiffness, strength, toughness and most importantly torsional rigidity vs Carbon fuselage. The fuselage mates to the wings and mast through Starboards own patent-pending fuselage fitting. This complete foiling Team kit is an excellent option for those who want versatility and ease of use for a large range of conditions.
Using the large wing sets and long 115 cm fuselage to maximize ease of foiling with maximum lift and stability as well as light wind early foiling threshold. For more sporty and manuever friendly windfoiling and use in stronger winds – use of the smallest wing sets with short 75 cm fuselage will be an excellent option. The 95 cm mast will clear rough chop as well as maximize upwind performance.

- Race Carbon foil Team kit – 7 piece package + padded case.
- 95 cm Carbon Mast = 100% Torey pre-preg Carbon.
- Carbon Wing sets x's 2 = 100% Toreg pre-preg Carbon.
- 800cm front wing with 330cm rear wing = max lift and light wind performance.
- 550cm front wing with 255cm rear wing = stronger wind and maneuver friendly performance.
- AL Fuselage = 6061 Aluminum for max strength and torque resistance.
- AL Fuselage patent pending design in 75 and 115 cm lengths.
- 115 cm Fuselage – easy use, enhanced stability, and upwind oriented length.
- 75 cm Fuselage – sporty and manuever friendly length.
- Wing Saddle – designed for best connection of wings to the fuselage.
- Stainless Torx Screw Sets – Won't strip, Torx wrench included.
- Deep Tuttle mast connection.
- Custom Padded Carry Case – included.
- Assembly and disassembling is easy and great for transporting windfoil.

Foil Specs:
Mast: 37.4" / 95 cm
Short Fuselage: 29.5" / 75 cm
Long Fuselage: 45.3" / 115 cm
800 cm Front Wing span: 31.5" / 80 cm
550 cm Front Wing span: 24.4" / 62 cm
330 cm Tail Wing span: tbd" / tbd cm
255 cm Tail Wing span: tbd" / tbd cm
Base: Deep Tuttle

Mast - Built in 100% pre-preg carbon, with forty layers of wrapped high-modulus uni-axial, bi-axial and tri-axial Toray carbon hydraulically pressed, heated and fused into one monolithic mast of incredible stiffness.
Wings - 100% pre-preg Toray carbon.
Fuselage - 6061 aluminum due to stiffness, strength, toughness and most importantly torsional rigidity.



2019 Starboard 177 Foil Package

Save $1500. Top of line Race Foil Board with Team set 7 pc performance race Foil at special package pricing.
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