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Starboard Phantom 377L – Ultimate Raceboard Performance
2019 Phantom Race 377L is only available in the Carbon Reflex construction – for maximum performance. It is the most successful, most popular and most advanced raceboard. The Phantom series dominate through sheer technological advantage, with their Bat Wings, slanted mast track concept and raised side walls. Now featuring an 2018/19 outline of thicker hull, increased volume, new Slant mast track position and daggerboard position for more performance in light winds.
Phantoms feature Bat Wings that provide a wide planing surface at high speeds with reduced drag and more lift at low speeds. This translates into earlier planing, improved upwind tracking, a wider wind range and the possibility to use larger fins. On the Phantom 377 L, the Bat Wings are wider at 60 cm by 3 cm. They're also narrower in the tail to get more top-end speed and a better feel of the fin. This helps to get planing earlier than before thanks to the wider planing surface at the front footstrap but because the wetted surface area behind the fin is smaller, it also increases top-end speed. Slant Mast Track is a slanted adjustable mast track that raises the front section to help the board get on its rail even earlier in light winds and sinks the back section below deck level to improve control in planing conditions. On the 377 L, the mast track has been moved 2 cm further back. Combined with the daggerboard being moved forward by 2 cm, it helps make the board more sensitive in light winds and get on the rail quicker. The flat Vee bottom shape of the Phantoms absorbs chop, improves tracking and helps the board roll onto its rail.

- 377L size (331 volume).
- Relatively long and narrow board shape for fast and efficient glide qualities.
- Bat Wing Tail Design.
- Carbon Reflex = Biaxial Carbon construction.
- Heel Extensions in light wind strap positions.
- Slanted adjustable sliding mast track.
- Deep Tuttle box.
- Drake Race 78 Daggerboard for optimum all-round performance.
- Drake Race 52 DT fin.
- 6x's Drake UltraLight MK IV footstraps (2 = lightwind rail straps).

* No mast track pin is provided with the board. Cobra Track pins and bases are available to purchase separately.

377L - 377 x 67.6 x 23.2 thickness, 331 liters, 14.6 kg/ 32.1 lbs
* 377 version special order only (lower volume version at 267 liters).

Constrction Options:
CARBON REFLEX Carbon Reflex is Starboards flagship technology, built to be lightest and fastest. The deck uses the lightest grade of biaxial carbon fibres orientated between 45 and 30 degrees for optimized flex and reflex characteristics.The bottom of the board uses 45 degrees biaxial carbon, as uni-directional carbon proved to be too stiff for longer raceboards.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
377L Phantom Carbon Reflex


2019 Starboard Phantom Race

The most successful, most popular raceboards – the 377L is the benchmark in longboard race performance especially in light winds. Carbon Reflex.
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377L Phantom Carbon Reflex
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Carbon Reflex construction: