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Category: Entry – Intermediate boards

Starboard Rio– Easy Gliding, Easy Planing The unique longtail design of the 2019 Starboard Rio series focuses on easy learning and easy planing qualities to foster rapid progressing and a fun learning experience. The longer shape provides greater directional traction and easy gliding associated with longboards. However the unique extended Long Tail has a combination of both batwing shape and tail rocker. The fin box is also set further forward, combining these characteristics allows the rider to experience easing onto a plane and more rig steering sensitivities verses conventional longboard designs. These Rios not only plane earlier, their noses won’t tilt up as riders transition on to the plane easing riders to avoid learning to overcome this hump in transitioning technique.
The Rios feature a contoured deck shape to help riders gravitate to the inboard footstrap positions developed for this board design. Its wide nose combined with boxy rails improves stability and allows for a flat deck area around the mast track for easier uphauling and light wind sailing. Large EVA soft deck area provides excellent grip and comfort where needed. The Rio's have a Clipperbox daggerboard system that's both efficient and easy to use. Fitted with Starboard’s Clipperbox system with easily replaceable and ultra durable lips and a new daggerboard with integrated handle for carrying the board under-arm. The daggerboard itself is extra soft in the tip for more performance and lift.

- 3 sizes to chose from; S, M, L.
- Armourtech Construction for durability and performance.
- Unique longtail design on all sizes - aids gliding and planing performance.
- Cut outs in the tail – reduces wetted surface once on a plane.
- Integrated Batwing design – aids gliding, stability and planing performance.
- Contoured deck shapen.
- EVA covering 2/3 of deck of board (void in nose).
- 2 x's Carry handles (1 x's front, 1 x's rear).
- Multiple footstrap positions – for entry, intermediate and advanced placement.
- Clipperbox daggerboard system.
- Tuttle fin box (special 3 hole version).
- Daggerboard 57 cm
- Drake Shallow 41 cm TU fin.
- Multiple footstrap inserts to accommodate progression from entry to expert use.
- Drake Yulex footstraps x's 4 – 85% natural rubber – for comfort and sustainability.

Size options:
*S = 295 cm x 79cm, 196 liters of volume, 16.6 kg (36.5 lbs)
M = 308 cm x 81.5cm, 219 liters of volume, 18.7 kg (41.1 lbs)
L = 333 cm x 86.5 cm, 259 liters of volume, 20.5 kg (45 lbs)

* = non-stocking size.

ArmourTech - This technology uses layers of three dimensional glass mat wetted out with an expanding epoxy resin system that creates volume within the skin as it cures under pressure and adds an ASA skin shell on top. SB's extremely tough and durable construction, for maximum durability and value. allows the rider to experience easing onto a plane and more rig steering sensitivities verses conventional longboard designs.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
Medium Rio Long Tail30881.5219Armourtech41.142.0-9.5
Large Rio Long Tail33387259Armourtech45.12.0-9.5


2019 Starboard Rio Long Tail

21% off. This unique Longtail design promotes easy gliding and planing qualities to foster excellent performance for both new windsurfers and established riders a like.
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