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Sail Category: No-cam Freeride

Duotone E_PACE – No-Cam Freeride sail for all waters and conditions.
The new E_PACE No Cam Freeride has a huge wind range and new 3-in 1 performance design. Loaded with features this sail can accomodate a larger wind range vs E_type of 2019. Now 4 cm of downhaul range – enhances tunable range for more low end power and upper wind top end speed. A new clew gromet has also been added to allow for more upright rig positioning when used for 3rd benefit of wind-Foiling use. The E_pace is the perfect freeride sail for all waters and conditions, combining handling and rigging advantages with a crisp, direct feel and harmonious, sparkling power delivery. Offering a lot of fun, confidence, control and easy windsurfing.
Featuring a new increased draft and down haul profile especially in the upper luff panel to maximize forward pull without compromising wind range or stability, combined with a TT top with active twist and a progressive batten configuration that is size a range-specific of 6 battens on smaller (5.4-6.6) and 7 battens on larger (7.3 +). Extra stiff Tube battens are used to aid stability of draft and minimize weight (4 on 6.6- and 5 on 7.3+), while Epoxy batten is used in the lowest foot batten. Pre-tuned batten tensions at the factory – via torque wrench and calibration tension for each batten of sail. Also, the Cutaway Clew minimizes the size of boom required without compromising the power or performance. This sail is designed to work on two masts for the full size range (430/460) of RDM or SDM options.

Sail Features - E_Pace:
- No-Cam Freeride sail.
- 3 in 1 design = tune for conditions onhand and Foiling use option.
- X-Ply construction (all but window and luff panel) – for durability and Uv resistance (all colored panels).
- Mono-film Window version.
- New Individual Boom Length Indicaor Setting = boom length changes with the angle to the mast.
- When used for foiling- it features a special clew eyelet for more upright sail position.
- Speed and power with passive planing ease of use.
- Progressive batten profile.
- Battens = 6 (7.3 <) 7 (7.8+), 4-5 Tube batten configurations.
- Epoxy Batten - Extremely stable, extremely break-resistant.
- Cross Batten concept – clew batten crosses boom and lowers draft in sail.
- iRocket 2.0 is Pre-calibrated batten tension system – factory tuned – ready to sail.
- Cutaway Clew – minimizes boom length.
- HTS 2.0 - Harness line indicator sail markings.
- VTS 2.0 – visual trim in sail panel aid proper down-haul trim.
- Minimum mast concept = Two masts 430 & 460 can rig all sizes.
- 2 year warranty.

5.4, 5.8, 6.2, 6.6, 7.3, 7.8, 8.2
*If size you want isn't listed in our pull down - call or email - we'll get it for you!

C24 = Blue/ Black, C25 = Black /White
* HD C24 = Blue / Black – call if interested in the Full HD version for special order availability


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2020 Duotone E_Pace

Duotone's fastest No-Cam Freeride - delivering power, acceleration and easy handling. New 3 in 1 versatility.
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