DTSW201210 - 2020 Duotone F_Type



Sail Category: WindFoiling / Freeriding

Duotone F_Type – Easy foiling and powerful freeriding 2 cam sail.
This Sail is designed to lower threshold for easier foiling in a super compact and powerful design. With only 4 battens, 2-cams, upright profile, dacron luff and tighter leech – this sail has tremendous power to get you foiling in marginal wind conditions. The sail is very light weight and only available in 2 sizes (5.8, 6.8). Use of color film, dacron luff panle and trip-ply foot panels and clew area - help keep the sail as light as possible for near weightless foiling feel in your hands. It is a highly elastic design. This includes the lower profile with reduced loose leech, since very small sail sizes are used based on the wind strengths. Thanks to its high elasticity, the Dacron luff ensures easier pumping and an altogether more gentle feel. Because the rig is held more upright when foil surfing, your foot has significantly more roach in order to ensure closing the gap even in this position. Low wind pressure necessitates the use of two Soft.Cams, which can effortlessly reverse when shifting despite weak rotational forces. And it you want it to be even easier, you can even remove both cambers and use the F_TYPE as the ultimate no-cam foilboard.

Sail Features – F_Type:
- Ideal for foiling!
- Straighter luff – for more upright shape and ease of rigging- foiling.
- 2- Cam Windfoil and Freeride sail.
- Unique SWITCH SOFT CAM – Removable convertible design.
- 4 batten sail to deliver light weight, power and ease of use.
- 2 in 1 design = tune for conditions on hand, Foiling use and freeride w or w/o cams.
- Dacron Luff – very light and user friendly for foiling.
- Tighter Leech profile – reduces leech flutter for foiling.
- Full foot Roach for more upright foiling position and foot gap closure.
- Color Film - upper sails colored panels only – for lightness.
- Tri-ply foot panel (150 MICRON) x-ply for addied turability.
- Mono-film Window.
- Excellent Power for size to minimize sail area and ease of use in wind minimums.
- Battens = 4 batten configurations.
- Epoxy Batten - Extremely stable, extremely break-resistant.
- VTS 2.0 – visual trim in sail panel aid proper down-haul trim.
- Minimum mast concept = one masts 430 can rig all sizes.
- 2 year warranty.

5.8, 6.8

C24 = Blue/ Black


Brand Model Area Luff Boom Mast Battens


2020 Duotone F_Type

Windfoiling and freeride 4 batten sail with 2 convertible soft cams – for Easy foiling and powerful freeriding performance.
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