AE60380 - Exocet Link 10’ WindSUP



Program: Windsurf / SUP / Windfoil Crossover

Exocet WindSUP Link 10' - "Multi-Sport Performance - Triple Threat"
The Link AST is a WindSUP design that incorporates ASA outer skin with Epoxy fiberglass and wood patch molded construction. This Full EVA Deck pad version with new Graphics in the 10' model has 3 sport capabilities: Windsurfing, Windfoiling and SUP. This gives the board an amazing range of use. The 10' model is great for SUP and windsurfing use in small waves due to it's 32" width and 10' length. It's Step tail, dagger board, mast box, footstrap positions…are all features designed to benefit those looking for a one board for all three activities. With 175 liters of volume, 10'0" length and 32" width it provides user friendly stability and glide and works well in flat water and surf. The rail and deck plan are optimized for Windsurf & SUP and targets ease of use to learn foiling. The 10' Link is ideal for entry to advanced riders in pursuit of a Triple Threat usage. (windfoil not included).

Step Tail Advantages:
Extended water line in sub planing and SUP mode (maximum displacement), reduced wetted surface when planing, and increased tail rocker when surfing on a wave, makes it easier to learn paddling and windsurfing in the waves.

Windsup LINK 10' Features:
- Full EVA Deck Pad.
- AST construction = w/ ASA outer skin.
- Step Tail design.
- 3 sport use – windsurf, SUP and windfoiling.
- 3/4 Eva deck pad.
- 175 liters of volume.
- 32" width.
- Deck inserts for securing gear.
- Leash attachment plug.
- Multiple footstrap inserts.
- 61 cm Daggerboard.
- Tuttle / WindFoil Box system.
- 40 cm Plastic tuttle fin.
- footstraps NOT included.
* Windfoil is not included – available separately.

10'0" (305cm) x 32" (81.5cm) x 175 liters, weight 15.5 kg/ 34.1 lbs.

LINK AST - Molded, AST One shot with EVA full deck. Fiberglass & matt fiber construction recovered with ASA skin on deck and bottom. EPS core. ASA sheet, Fiberglass # 60gr wrap, Wood 0.6mm & Matt # 360gr patch, layers of Matt # 360gr over EPS Core. Durable and user friendly.

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Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
10'0 Link WindSUP30581.2175ASA/EVA30.84.5-8.5


Exocet Link 10’ WindSUP

This board targets windsurfing, SUP and foiling use in flat water and waves. AST w/ full EVA deck pad. Ideal for advanced or smaller riders.
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10'0 Link WindSUP
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