DuoTone E-Pace sail:
2021 Duotone Super Hero

2021 Duotone Super Hero

2022 Duotone E Pace

2022 Duotone E Pace

2021 Duotone E_Pace

New E-pace performance no-cam Freeride sail for all water conditions and Wind-Foiling use as well! Power – range – tune-ability.
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E_Pace 5.4 C02 Blue
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E_Pace 5.4 C07 Red
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E_Pace 5.8 C02 Blue
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E_Pace 5.8 C07 Red
E_Pace 6.2 C02 Blue
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E_Pace 6.2 C07 Red
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E_Pace 6.6 C02 Blue
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E_Pace 6.6 C07 Red
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E_Pace 7.3 C02 Blue
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E_Pace 7.3 C07 Red
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Category: Freeride windsurfing – Windfoiling sail

Duotone – E Pace Freeride sail - For performance freeride and windfoiling performance in one
Duotone E-pace is finally here and available now. A Freeride performance no-cam sail that also delivers windfoiling performance capabilities. The brand-new E_PACE is exactly the kind of athletic freeride sails that makes windsurfing so fascinating and uncomplicated: easy to rig, accelerate like an e-motor and get into planing without pumping. Paired with competitive speed potential and the playful handling of a no-cam sail. This is pure windsurfing, with lots of thrust, speed AND the special ease for sporty driven maneuvers.
Versatility is the great strength of the E_PACE: versatile range of use, versatile in a wide range of wind conditions. Thanks to the 3 IN 1 DESIGN with a greatly reduced luff curve, which is almost straight in the upper area, the downhaul tension has a major influence on the loose leech - and in turn on the character of the sail, depending on the trim. The two extremely wide MIN and MAX trim points offer the opportunity to cover an incredibly wide wind range and to give the E_PACE a completely different high- or low end performance and sail feeling. On MIN setting it accelerates very powerfully with the slightest wind pressure and feels incredibly light - ideal also for foiling. On MAX trim, however, it offers endless speed and control even when overpowered thanks to its pronounced loose leech.
Ergo: The new No Cam E_PACE is the perfect freeride sail for all waters and conditions, combining handling and rigging advantages with a crisp, direct feel and harmonious, sparkling power delivery. Offering lot of fun, confidence, control and wonderfully easy windsurfing. We are sure that there is no No Cam sail out there covering a larger wind range and range of use than the E_PACE.
Simply awesome: When used for foiling the E_PACE features a special clew eyelet to be able to position the sail even more upright!

- Freeride No-cam sail.
- 6 battens (8.2 is 7).
- 9 sizes: 4.6, 5.0, 5.4, 5.8, 6.2, 6.6, 7.3, 7.8, 8.2
- Performance Windsurfing Freeride and Windfoiling.
- Large performance wind range.
- 3-in-1 design.
- Hollow Lower Leech area.
- Compact Clew design.
- Three mast sizes cover the entire sail size range options.430-460.
- (460 for larger riders advised on the
- Luff Curve Optimized for added control in high winds.

4.6, 5.0, 5.4, 5.8, 6.2, 6.6, 7.3, 7.8, 8.2
*Stocking 5.4, 5.8, 6.2, 6.6 - Call for other size option availability.

CO2 – Blue-Off White.
CO7 – Red -Blue

MONOFILM = Plastic film made out of Polyester available in clear- or colored versions.
MAST SLEEVE MATERIAL = Rough woven Polyester fabric.
XPLY LAMINATE = 2 thin layers of monofilm and a pattern of threads (out of Polyester or Dyneema) are glued together creating a sandwich laminate. The additional threads are supposed to function as a rip stop in case the film gets punctured>
DACRON = Is mainly used for reinforcement patches to protect the monofilm and XPly panels in the high abrasion areas of your sail (foot, clew, top and outside of batten pockets).
INSIGNIA = Dacron material with a self-adhesive side.
Brand Duotone
SKU DTSW211211

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandSKUModelareaLuffBoomMastBattens
E_Pace 5.4 C02 Blue DuotoneDTSW21121154E_Pace5.4m2434 cm max176 cm max430/400 cm6
E_Pace 5.4 C07 Red DuotoneDTSW21121154RE_Pace5.4m2434 cm max176 cm max430/400 cm6
E_Pace 5.8 C02 Blue DuotoneDTSW21121158E_Pace5.8m2436 cm max180 cm max430 cm6
E_Pace 5.8 C07 Red DuotoneDTSW21121158RE_Pace5.8m2436 cm max180 cm max430 cm6
E_Pace 6.2 C02 Blue DuotoneDTSW21121162E_Pace6.2m2442 cm max190 cm max430 cm6
E_Pace 6.2 C07 Red DuotoneDTSW21121162RE_Pace6.2m2442 cm max190 cm max430 cm6
E_Pace 6.6 C02 Blue DuotoneDTSW21121166E_Pace6.6m2462 cm max194 cm max430/460 cm6
E_Pace 6.6 C07 Red DuotoneDTSW21121166RE_Pace6.6m2462 cm max194 cm max430/460 cm6
E_Pace 7.3 C02 Blue DuotoneDTSW21121173E_Pace7.3m2474 cm max206 cm max460 cm6
E_Pace 7.3 C07 Red DuotoneDTSW21121173RE_Pace7.3m2474 cm max206 cm max460 cm6
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