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2021 Duotone E_Pace

2021 Duotone Super Hero

20% Off! New Generation 4 batten Wave Sail – for all conditions = Duotone's ultimate wave and bump-n-jump sail.
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Category: Sails / Wave – Bump-n-Jump

Duotone Super Hero – The Wave Sail for Any Condition and Rider Weight.

The New Super Hero sail from Duotone is designed as the ultimate wave sail. It’s made to perform optimally in all wave conditions around the globe. Thanks to the absolutely neutral and perfectly balanced draft position, its handling characteristics are unrivaled and it remains stable and highly controlled in every situation. The SUPER HERO four batten layout feels like a three-batten sail combined with the stability of a five-batten design. The specially developed profile fills out very efficiently and produces high propulsion even when under-powered, making it suitable for almost all riders, regardless of weight. The balanced sail design of the Super Hero provides an extremely wide wind range of use in wave or bump-n-jump conditions. The design features the BATTEN-FREE CENTER, additional MINI BATTENS, the HOLLOW LOWER LEECH and Duotone’s unique RADIAL LOAD SWOOSH running from the clew. As a result - this four-batten wave sail offers a wind range whose breadth is without rival. It continues to deliver great high-end performance even in gusty and/or nuking conditions such as the Canary Islands or South Africa, remaining under perfect control with high winds and during extremely overpowered jumps. It also boasts powerful acceleration capabilities at the lower wind limit, alongside an adjustable power/drive, which comes in handy when sailing in down-the-line spots like Maui or Mauritius. In terms of handling, the superiority of the SUPER HERO is beyond doubt thanks to its low weight. The batten rotation is beautifully soft, even with minimal out-haul tension. The top works very actively and thus supports the propulsion. Therefore you can confidently choose a sail size smaller than with many other wave sails.

Sail Features:

- 4 batten Profile. 
- Epoxy Battens – unbreakable epoxy battens.
- X-ply Plus - Laminate (100/150 MICRON) with the lowest stretch, UV and puncture resistance.
- Tri Ply - Foot Panel (150 MICRON): Additional 3RD thread direction for 30% increased rip-stop .
- Hollow Lower Leech - prevents leech fluttering.
- Radial Load Swoosh - AT the clew improves stability and wind range.
- Batten Free Center - Responsive in under-powered and stable in overpowered conditions.
- IBumber 2.0 - molded mast protector.
- IRocket 2.0 – Factory calibrated individual batten tension.
- Also Available in HD – Monofilm free construction.

Size Options:
3.0, 3.4, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3, 5.7

Color Options:
C02 = Blue / Off-white
C27 = Off-white / Turquoise
C29 = Clear (call to order this color)

Brand Duotone
SKU DTSW211200

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandSKUModelareaLuffBoomMastBattens
Super Hero 4.7 DuotoneDTSW21120047Super Hero4.7m2404 cm max164 cm max370/400 cm4
Super Hero 5.0 DuotoneDTSW21120050Super Hero5m2414 cm max166 cm max400 cm4
Super Hero 5.3 DuotoneDTSW21120053Super Hero5.3m2432 cm max172 cm max400 cm4
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