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RRD Fire Y25

RRD Fire Y25

2021 Ezzy Hydra

Save Big! New lightweight, balanced and stable foiling sail that can also be used for regular windsurfing.
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4.7 Orange
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Category: Windfoiling / Freeride

Ezzy Hydra 2021 - Light and Stable for Foiling
The Hydra is a great choice for anyone wanting a lightweight and balanced foiling sail that can also be used for regular windsurfing. The new Hydra takes the prior year Hydra Sport to a new level. Use of new materials provide greater durability and performance while reducing overall weight. The window is now a Dyneema-reinforced X-ply material that aids performance range with durability and weight reduction. 3/4 length batten above the boom allows smooth power transitions. Whether you're pumping up on the foil to a reduced draft profile once foiling, the Hydra is very user friendly and light in your hands. Because the batten stops short of the mast, the Hydra's deep forward shape "goes away" (luffs) when the sail is sheeted out. The low foot batten on the sail aids efficiency by reducing unwanted turbulence between the foot of sail and the deck of your board. This aids control of the sail and pressure on your foil – to allow smoother more predictable foiling experiences. Sail profile is 4 batten in 3.7-5.7 sizes, while 5 batten in 6.7 and 8.1 sizes.
Like all of Ezzy sails, they rig, inspect, tune and calibrate each Hydra in their factory b4 shipping them.

- Foiling sail also capable of regular Freeride windsurfing use.
- 5 size options: 3.7, 4.7, 5.7, 6.7, 8.1
- 4-5 batten design. (5 = 6.7, 8.1).
- Endo batten design.
- Body sail cloth = Lightweight X-ply scrim with dyneema reinforced x-ply.
- Window = Dyneema-reinfoced X-ply.
- Battens = RBS Epoxy battens – super strong and durable!
- Calibrated Down Haul System – for easy and proper rigging.
- Adjustable Top haul system with short and long straps included.
- Ezzy 3 pulley stainless pulley tack block – easy rigging.
- Beefy mast pad – with built in tuning tool and mesh stash pocket.
- Matching Key Chain of sail color and shape.
- Most robust sail bag in industry – with mesh vent and external storage pouch.
- New colors: Blue or Orange.

Size Options:
3.7, 4.7, 5.7, 6.7, 8.1

Sail Colors:
Blue, Orange.

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Product Specific Specs:

Product SKUModelareaLuffBoomMastBattens
4.7 Orange EZSF21H 47Hydra4.7m2395-400 cm151-164 cm370/400 cm4
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