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Slingshot SUP WINDer

Slingshot SUP WINDer

Starboard SUP 8'0" Hyper Nut Starlite Foil 4 in 1

Save $350 A do it all 4-in-1 board that Wing, Wind, Sup, Surf foils and can also be ridden with fins to Surf and Windsurf. Starlite Construction.
MSRP: $1,799.00
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8’0"X 31.5" Hyper Nut Starlite Foil 4 in 1 1
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8’0"X 31.5" Hyper Nut Starlite Foil 4 in 1
MSRP: $1,799.00
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Category: Wing, Sup, Wind, sup foiling.

Starboard HyperNut 8’ 4 in 1 - Wing, Sup, surf Wind Foil capable board
This is Starboard's 1 board to do it all model. Very capable in all disciplines of Wind, Wing, Sup and surf foiling. Additionally it can also be used as without foils for wind, sup and surf as well. Unique outline and multiple box system allows you to cater the board for your use. This board also has footstrap inserts and a more aft track box position that enables the board to fly the foil comfortably in these multiple disciplines.
HYPER NUT 4IN1: SUP SURF – SUP FOIL – WING FOIL – WIND FOI. The HYPER NUT 4IN1 is heavier by approximately 300g than the Hyper Nut Surf and Foil as it has more foot strap inserts and the mast track box. The Foil box on the 4in1 is positioned further back by on average 6.5 cm to accommodate both Wind Foiling and SUP Foiling.

- Starlite construction.
- Track box for foils.
- THE INVERTED NUT RAILS = For insane acceleration and tight turning.
- WIDE NOSE AND TAIL = Makes it a stable shape to get up and riding early.
- THE SHORT LENGTH = Provides precise trim control allowing you to stand in one position to pump the board for speed.
- CHANNEL BOTTOM SHAPE = Creates a flat spot in front of the fins for extra acceleration.
- FLAT STANDING AREA = Adds stability and makes for easy rail-to-rail transitions.
- THIN RAILS TOWARDS THE TAIL = Easier to engage the rail on the wave with less foot pressure.
- As the Hyper Nut has such a wide tail it is essential for rail thickness to be responsive in turns. - STRAIGHT OUTLINE EXTENDS THE WATERLINE =Providing speed that is comparable to a longer board. A curved outline has less rail engaged at one time.
- FOIL BOX POSITION = 8’0″ x 31.5″ Hyper Nut 4in1: 51.5 cm
*The 4in1 Foil box position is slightly further back, optimised for windsurfing and wave riding.
*Foil box is measured from the tail to the middle of the foil box.
- PLATE MOUNT ONLY =Both the 4in1 and Surf and foil are supplied with a new lighter plate mount foil box.
- The foil box uses Starboard’s lightweight 10” US box with a new extra reinforced PU box connected to both the deck and bottom for maximum strength.
- The plate mount is flexible to adjust the foil forwards and backward depending on the rider style and conditions.
- Footstraps and fins not included.

Length: 8’0” / 244 cm
Width: 31.5” / 80 cm
Volume: 133 L
Weight: 10 kg / 22 lbs

STARLITE = THE STRONGEST RAIL EVER TESTED = Ultra-durable, scratch and impact resistant woven 200g twill azure rail protection. The combination of twin T-stringers deck and bottom to protect against total breakage. The T-stringers are positioned close to the rail working like an i-beam to endure heavy drops and strong wipeouts. Starlite now features a full deck of 0.6mm Australian pine wood which is outside of 2 glass skins, increasing the overall total breakage strength and reducing the weight due to lower resin absorption.
Brand Starboard
Board Size Ranges Small (100-139 Liters)

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandBoard Size RangesSKULengthWidthVolumeConstructionWeight
8’0"X 31.5" Hyper Nut Starlite Foil 4 in 1 StarboardSmall (100-139 Liters)SBFB21HN4180216 cm63.5 cm100 LitersFlax/Balsa sandwich16.42 lbs
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