2021 JP Foil IPR

2021 JP Foil IPR

2021 JP Super Ride LXT

2021 JP Super Ride LXT

2021 Super Lightwind LXT

Just Arrived! Lightwind boards that’s quick to plane with impressive speeds and easy to jibe. Foil Box for Windfoiling use makes this a perfect one board option and windsurf performance! LXT construction.
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165 Super Lightwind LXT
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Board Category: Super Lightwind Freeride & Windfoiling Board

JP Super Lightwind XLT - Lightwind Acceleration – Easy Planing and Wind-Foiling!
This design from JP target's both lightwind windsurfing and windFoiling. The performance will blow your mind as it gets going in almost no wind, reaches top speed immediately and is comfortable, smooth and easy to sail for a high performance freeride board of this size. It planes super early and is really fast. The cut-outs and bottom shape create the ‘lighter feel’ of a much smaller board and a lively, thrilling ride. You have to try it to believe how much fun you can have in almost no wind. The goal was achieved in the 4th gen board by developing an earlier planing board with faster top speed potential and more user friendly jibing qualities. The result worked with all these qualities and more. More compact feel, more maneuverable, more early planing potential, more comfortable ride and more speed. This was achieved through a combination of shorter length, refined rocker and nose scoop, more aggressive tail cut outs, narrow tail, more parallel rails, double concave bottom under the strap area and flat water line. These 4 generation Super Lightwind are faster, quicker, more controllable and easier to jibe = new Lightwind acceleration machine. As a bonus - NEW: Medium Tuttle Box is specially reinforced and is approved for foils with a Deep Tuttle base. This “lightwind powerhouse” now also perfectly suits the new Hydro Foiling / Wind Foling trend!

Key Features:
1. Most efficient lightwind freeride board
2. Starts planing in almost no wind and reaches top speed immediately.
3. Two cut-outs create two outlines that allow to push for maximum speed while maintaining stability and comfort.
4. Thin rails make railing up and jibing at high speed easy.
5. Provides multiple footstrap positions for intermediate and advanced riders.
6. Foil Approved Fin Box.

- 2 construction options: LXT, PRO.
- Foil Box is approved for foils with a DT base.
- Concave deck lowers the mast base and reduces the swing weight.
- Deck shape delivers great comfort and standing position.
- Bottom cut-outs with narrower tail = thinner rail, more control, easier jibing.
- Multiple Footstrap placement inserts.
- Inset forward straps - easy access to footstraps and planing.
- Outset positions – more advanced – but more powerful stance.
- 4 mm deck pads aid comfort.
- Deep tuttle / Foil box.
- JP Super Lightwind 56 cm Carbon fin.
- 4 x's JP footstraps.

LXT SLW 165 – 235 length, 92 cm width, 165 liter vol., 9.3 kg / 20.5 lbs

LXT Technology: This new technology merges the advantages of the previous PRO and FWS versions. It features sustainable materials like the fast-growing. Paulownia wood for reinforcements in the bottom and a PET-recycled high-density sandwich reinforcement in the deck. Technology details are the integrated Innegra nose reinforcement, various stringers (1,9), the Parabolic Rail band and a Quadraxial fiber construction in the full standing area. LXTs come with a G-10 fin and the JP Foilbox!
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