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37% off! Starboard's dedicated 2 in 1 Wing and Wind Foiling Board for easy and functional foiling. Starlite Carbon construction.

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Starboard Foil X Wing 2022 board - Compact Wing and Wind Foiling multi-sport board.
2-in-1, the Foil X Wing series covers wind foil and wing foil all in one board. Wing or sail, the choice is yours. With the wind in your hands, feel the foil float you above the water as you fly smoothly and silently, powered purely by the wind and waves. The versatility of Foil X Wing series covers windfoil and wingfoil. All in one board. It is based on the successful Foil-x board with added features to allow for exceptional wing-foiling use. More footstrap inserts and long track box (2 us box system) for mounting a pedestal mount foil for wing foiling and Wind-foiling. The Ultra-compact outlines make them easy to control, easy to maneuver and light for take off. The extended flat bottom shapes make them accelerate, gather speed and reach take off speed with less power. The rail cut-aways help you sink the tail to pop up onto the foil and the wide nose and wide tail makes the board stable to stand on. To convert from wind foil to wing foil, simply remove the wind foil from the tail and mount the wing foil to the twin US box tracks. Optionally, you can move footstraps to the wing-foil positions to add control. Two leash inserts allow you to secure the board to your ankle and the wing to the board.
Three size options of the Foil X Wing are 105, 125 and 145. 105 – the smallest model offers maximum maneuverability and reactivity. 125 – the most popular size for its blend of stability and volume in a compact shape. 145 – added thickness gives this model extra volume and stability while keeping the overall shape ultra-compact and ideal for heavier riders and progressing riders.

- 2-1 foil performance = Wing & wind foiling.
- 3 Size options: 105, 125, 145.
- 2 Construction options: Starlight Carbon, Wood Sandwich.
- Long US track box for both wing foil and Wind Foil positioning.
- WIND-FOIL MAST TRACK INSERT – for windfoiling.
- Two footstrap area insert options: strap positions for wind and centered strap positions for wing
- 2 x’s LEASH INSERTS FOR WING FOILING – Nose for Wing, Tail for Board
- 2/3 length EVA DECK PAD - covers the center area for wing foiling and tail of the for wind foiling.
- MINI CARRY-HANDLE – makes carrying board with foil easy.
- Footstarps 4 = The Drake footstraps of YULEX NEOPRENE

Size options / Specs
105 – 185 x 63 cm – 105 liters - Starlite = 8.88 kg
125 - 190 x 67 cm – 125 liters - Starlite = 9.38 kg
145 - 193 x 71 cm – 145 liters - Starlite = 10.08 kg

STARLITE CARBON - The lightest and highest performance budget-friendly technology. Thanks to its full carbon bottom and a deck built from 0.6mm Australian pine wood sandwich wrapped with Military grade-glass and laminated all with cutting edge Bio Resin, Starlite Carbon offers an unprecedented level of high quality in a value package with excellent finish. Starlite Carbon technology feels especially crisp with extra high impact resistance on the deck. A high quality value package with excellent finish. The Starlite technology feels especially crisp and has extra high impact resistance. BEST VALUE OFFERING.

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Advancing Intermediate
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Board Size Ranges:
Small (100-139 Liters)
Board Size Ranges:
Medium (140-179 Liters)