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2022 Starboard Wingboard 10'4" 4 in 1 ASAP

The 2022 Starboard Wingboard targets 1 board for 4 activities; Wingsurf, Windsurf, SUP and Wing Paddling. ASAP construction.
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10’4"X 32" Wingboard ASAP
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Starboard Wingboard 4 in 1 - Wingsurf, Windsurf, SUP and Wing Paddling all in 1
Starboard designed this all round water activity board as a 4-in-1 design to maximize use and functionality. It's a great design for learning the basics of Wingboarding, Windsurfing, and SUP while also capable of prone paddling / or Sup paddling when Winging and the wind quits. The length provides the glide and ability to stay upwind. The thick rails, concave bottom and overall volume make it super stable. Footstrap inserts are placed perfectly for the first Wing classes, helping to find the right foot positioning. This board is designed and tested for Wingboarding, and is at the same time a great 10’4” x 32” GO paddle board. As a Windsurfing board it’s easy to learn on and you will enjoy an amazing glide in lighter winds. The unique bottom shape coupled with a stabilizing center fin installed for Wingboarding and Windsurfing aids in stability, minimizes side-ways drift and helps with . Remove the center fin and then board can be paddled or used in surf for better foot pressure carving. It gives you the traction you need to glide forwards when powered up with Wing or Rig in hand.

- 2 construction options: Lite Tech, ASAP.
- EVA deck pad for comfort and traction.
- Deep Center Channel bottom = Creates a flatter middle rocker for most efficient glide.
- Bottom Side Plane = Creating a stable platform for unmatched balance.
- Wide Tail and Nose of board = Aids balance and provides added stability in chop.
- Boxy Rails = Increase the stability of the board and limits water flowing onto the deck.
- Flat Standing Area = For extra comfort when paddling, windsurfing and wingsurfing.
- Built in Carrying Handle = Bungee design to carry as the board & Velcro loop to attach your paddle.
- Mast Box = for easy Windsurf rig attachment.
- 2 fin boxes – Center (Tuttle) and Rear (us box).
- Center fin = 33 cm Tuttle Drake fin. For increased lateral resistance winging and windsurfing.
- Rear fin = 22 cm A base Drake fin.
- Foot Strap inserts – when you want to add straps for Wing-boarding and Windsurfing.
- FootStraps are NOT included.

Size and Specs:
ASAP - 10'4" x 32" / 315 x 81.3 cm / 220 Liters. 30 lbs / 13.8 kg

NEW ASAP = AS STRONG AS POSSIBLE - Impact-resistant high-density EVA wrapping the whole rail from nose to tail. Multiple layers of high-grade fiberglass are wetted out in epoxy resin wrapping the hull. Australian pine on the standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity. Extra rigidity with the introduction of unidirectional stringer bands and solid with added rail and nose reinforcements.
Brand Starboard
Board Size Ranges X- Large (215-300 Liters)

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandBoard Size RangesSKULengthWidthVolumeConstructionWeightFin
10’4"X 32" Wingboard ASAP StarboardX- Large (215-300 Liters)SBFB21WB41104315 cm81.3 cm220 LitersASAP30.42 lbsDrake Shallow 220 - Center Tuttle Box, Drake Shallow 330 - Tail US Box
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