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2023 Ezzy Lion

The New Ezzy Lion no-hassle 2 cam convertible sail. This is the lightest – most powerful Lion to date. Fast and easy to use. No Monofilm, RDM and SDM mast compatible.
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Ezzy Lion 2 Cam Sail

Sail Category: Cam Freeride Sail

Ezzy Lion 2023– Fastest, lightest & most stable twin cam sail to-date!
The new Lion blends power with control in a twin cam design that’s convertible. It can be run as a two cam, single cam, or no-cam sail when rigging to allow riders a choice of riding & performance styles. What's new about this Lion? 1) Faster 2) More stable 3) Lighter 4) 8.0 size has been added that rigs on a 460 mast. Key new features: Less shape below the boom reduces profile drag making the Lion more “slippery” through the air. A deeper profile above the boom gives earlier planing and stability. New scrim reinforcements reduce weight by not absorbing water. Larger Dyneema reinforced Window – reduces weight and improves performance. New male pin with top haul strap (replaced Top Cap) reduces mast tip wear, while accommodating various mast lengths. New 8.0 sail size added to the mix to extend 460 mast use. The narrow mast sleeve makes water starting and uphauling easy. The Lion is built with lightweight and strong scrim, Dyneema, and Technora sailcloth. Its unique 2-cam system can accommodate any combination of mast diameter – from RDM to SDM and old generation to new making this the one cam sail that can be rigged on your existing masts. The Lion comes with extra cams to fit any mast. Ezzy’s calibrated downhaul system shows you exactly where to set your downhaul. The Lion has a removable tack pulley that can be swapped out with a D-ring (sold separately) to use with a Duotone ratchet extension. Ezzy factory staff pre-rig the Lion, tune the battens, and scrutinize the work, so the Lion is ready to go right out of the bag.
Is the Lion the right sail for you? If you value high performance freeriding above all else, you will love the Lion. It’s Easy to rig and sail and delivers exceptional performance and range.

2023 Lion Sail Features:
- 2 camber induced sail
- 6 battens 6.0-7.0 sizes
- 7 battens 7.5-9.5 sizes
- New 8.0 size added.
- More stable and lighter.
- New larger Dyneema-reinforced Window – reduces weight and improves performance.
- Scrim Luff panel.
- Mast sleeve construction. Reduced bias stretch – improves performance.
- More shape forward above boom - cam.
- Progressive batten spacing = smoother twist properties.
- Spectra X-ply, Dyneema and Technora sail material = No Monofilm.
- Adjustable top haul system.
- New Male pin – secures into mast tip.
- Camber inducer sets and pockets included to accommodate any mast type (RDM / SDM).
- Pre-tuned – rigged and calibrated downhaul at the factory.
- Built to last.

6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.5

Color Options:
Blue, Orange
Brand Ezzy

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandSKU
2022 Ezzy Lion-Orange-6.0 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 60O
2022 Ezzy Lion-Orange-6.5 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 65O
2022 Ezzy Lion-Orange-7.0 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 70O
2022 Ezzy Lion-Orange-7.5 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 75O
2022 Ezzy Lion-Orange-8.0 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 80O
2022 Ezzy Lion-Orange-8.5 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 85O
2022 Ezzy Lion-Orange-9.5 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 95O
2022 Ezzy Lion-Blue-6.0 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 60B
2022 Ezzy Lion-Blue-6.5 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 65B
2022 Ezzy Lion-Blue-7.0 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 70B
2022 Ezzy Lion-Blue-7.5 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 75B
2022 Ezzy Lion-Blue-8.0 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 80B
2022 Ezzy Lion-Blue-8.5 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 85B
2022 Ezzy Lion-Blue-9.5 sail EzzyEZSF22LN 95B
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