Severne Dyno 3

The Severne Dyno 3 is the go-to board for all-around windsurfing conditions. Free Wave, Fast Free Wave, epic Jumping, early planing. tri fin design. CMC construction.
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2021 Severne Dyno 3
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Severne Dyno 3 - Freewave all rounder

Category: Wave, Freestyle wave, Bump-n-jump

Severne Dyno 3 - Free Wave, Fast Free Wave, epic Jumping, early planing.
This large volume Wave - Freewave board is the ultimate in early planing and wave riding fun for all. The incredible ease, control and versatility have given the Dyno a reputation as the ultimate all-rounder. Balanced volume distribution and a compact outline creates a stable platform from which to progress. Whether you’re looking to master blasting control, make more jibes or venture into waves, the Dyno and its multiple configuration options will take you all the way.
Faster rocker lines and increased volume under foot make the Dyno super early planing and keep it charging through gusts, lulls and planing jibes. The compact size enables real use of all that speed - the Dyno is more than just capable in the air, it is a jumping machine. Aerial rotations, freestyle moves and straight up rocket air on demand. Parallel rails are very effective at reducing drag and increasing speed, so it allows the addition of some maneuver enhancing tail kick. This makes the Dyno much more than just a bump & jump blasting board - it can drive through turns on the rail, making the most of any onshore or real world waves. With the new outline and increased lift at the front, the Dyno becomes even more versatile. It’s able to handle steeper sections on waves without nose-diving and also catch less when hammering through nasty chop. The Dyno is the board to upgrade your everyday windsurfing conditions to Maximum Fun.
The Dyno 125 opens up performance windsurfing to all short board riders. Super easy to plane and glide through lulls, gusts and challenging water states. The multiple footstrap positions and fin options customize your ride for enriched blasting, quality carving and guaranteed gybing.

- Sizes: 125 (stocking)
-PARALLEL OUTLINE = The parallel outline decreases drag and increases stability. Overall width is reduced which helps give the boards a smaller, more maneuverable feel.
- ACCELERATED ROCKER LINE = Based on the Nano, the Dyno rocker is flatter and faster through the tail. The entry rocker has been tuned for the lowest possible angle of attack for maximum acceleration and comfort through chop while still allowing sufficient nose lift for wave maneuvers and jumping.
- REFINED BOTTOM SHAPE = Pronounced double concave with deep V enables easy rail-to-rail transition, even on the largest size Dynos. Forward V penetrates chop for less impact and more comfort. Increased V through the fins creates more rail rocker for precise turns when on the rail.
- PROGRESSIVE RAIL DESIGN = The hard release edge at the tail of the board becomes progressively rounded and soft towards the front of the board. The apex of the rail becomes progressively higher through the forward sections to prevent catching. Bevels through the front sections raise the apex even higher for more clearance and increase the hit rate of landed moves.
- COMPACT VOLUME DISTRIBUTION = The reduced length centers the volume where you need it. Optimized deck angles transition from reduced volume rails to high volume standing area.
- ERGONOMIC FOOT POSITIONING = Deck angles have been designed for comfort and to maintain responsive foot positioning in both inboard wave and outboard freeride set ups.
- FIN OPTIONS: THRUSTER = The Dyno is fitted with a center Power Box and 2 x SlotBox+ for the side fins. In Thruster mode control and maneuverability are enhanced for use in wave or bump-and-jump conditions.
- Includes: 2 x 135 side slotbox fins, 1 x 280 Pwr center fin.
- GORETEX AIRVENT Maintaining a constant internal pressure inside the board minimizes the risk of delamination or core damage. The waterproof Gore-Tex membrane allows air to transfer freely into and out of the board constantly to automatically regulate internal pressure.

Sizes / Specs:
DYNO I25 235 x 69.5
(See specs for all sizes in image above)
* Call us if interested in any sizes of the Dyno - we can order and ship it directly to you!

CMC - Compression Molded Composite. The DYNO uses BX Carbon reinforcements on nose, mast track, and rails. The DYNO construction is lighter and stiffer by using a combination of multi-axial Carbon and Glass lay-up.
Brand Severne
Board Size Ranges Small (100-139 Liters)
SKU SVBF211005

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandBoard Size RangesSKU
2021 Severne Dyno 3 SeverneSmall (100-139 Liters)SVBF211005125
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