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IN STOCK! The TAHE BEACH Windsurfing boards are great for beginner to progressing riders seeking durable yet fun boards. New Brand Name and Graphics! Tough-Tec construction.

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Board Category: Entry Level - School - Clubs – Families.

Tahe Beach 160, 185, 225 Windsurfing Boards – Fun for All - Durable Boards with a Daggerboard.
The Beach series is an excellent choice for families, clubs or schools for windsurfing fun for all. The new brand name Tahe replaced the Bic brand name in 2021. Same quality and construction and still built in France. The Beach Series has a durable construction that provides lively and sporty performance and at a great value and price. 3 sizes to choose from to fit your specific target needs. 160, 185 and 225.
The Beach 160 targets sporty performance in a compact size. This is the smallest size option in the Bic Beach series. It compact size provides great stability for small / light weight beginners, yet is very maneuverable to allow rapid growth potential to more advanced skills. With 160 liters of volume, this board targets large freeride performance with the versatility of a daggerboard. It is the same shape as the Bic Techno 160D but in their new most durable Tough-Tec construction.
The Beach 185 targets sporty performance in a moderate size design. It provides improved stability for beginners, yet is very maneuverable to allow rapid growth potential to more advanced skills. The 185 targets beginning riders under 190 lbs riders. With 185 liters of volume, this board fits nicely into a midrange size option from Bic Beach series. This shape is based on their highly successful Techno-one design and new 185 techno. With it's sporty shape it glides well in light winds while maintaining great maneuverability.
The Beach 225 targets easy learning and progression in with this highest volume model that accommodates all sized riders. The 225is Bic's largest offering. Increased length, width and flotation vs 185 Beach, it provides maximum stability for beginners in mind but is still very maneuverable to allow development of advancing skill levels. The 225 targets larger riders with 225 liters of volume and stabile wide outline that makes it is easy for learning. It glides well in light winds while maintaining good maneuverability. The Beach 225 is a very durable board, and an excellent option for schools, clubs, camps and families.
The Beach Series Features: Gore-Tex Vent Plug system, reinforced mast track box. The Gore-Tex air vent will be included on the deck of all BEACH boards, to improve the ventilation of the core during use. Extra ventilation is required vs. as air may become trapped around the mast track and daggerboard inserts. The mast tracks are now screwed directly into a wood insert embedded in the EPS Core on all BEACH boards. Result : Significant improvement of the durability of the mast track, particularly for intensive school use. Other features include: New Embossed EVA foam pad for maximum comfort, traction and durability especially when climbing onto the board and standing once under way. It has footstrap inserts that allow easy access for first time strap use to advanced skills and higher wind use placement.
The Beach models are very durable boards and an excellent option for schools, clubs, camps and families.

- Beach – 3 sizes: 160, 185, 225.
- Touch -Tec construction = Maximum durability (lighter weight and stiffer vs prior years).
- Nice Graphics and deck pad for 2022.
- Gore-tex vent system.
- Improved mast box – anchored into wood insert imbeded in the EPS Core.
- Embossed EVA Padded deck standing area.
- Carry handles front and back.
- Daggerboard system.
- Daggerboard = 60 cm length.
- Deep Tuttle fin box.
- 30cm WA fin.
- Sail sizes range = 2.5 – 7.5 (accommodates both smaller and larger sails sizes as well).
- Multiple placement Inserts for Footstraps.
- 4 Footstraps are now included w/ Beach models.

160 = 255 x 82 cm, 160 liters, 32 lbs
185 = 293 x 79 cm, 185 liters, 35 lbs
225 = 297 x 92 cm, 225 liters, 41 lbs

TOUGH-TEC - NEW construction technology, these boards PE shell is thermoformed around a watertight EPS Core, in a one shot production process. Molded, Watertight EPS Foam Core for structural integrity and stiffness. Extremely tough outer polyethylene (PE) skin for extreme impact resistance. Embossed EVA foam pad for maximum comfort. New Gore-tex vent system on all Beach models. Improved mast box – now anchored into wood insert embedded in the EPS Core. Molded external inserts – no penetrations through outer shell and maximum strength. This is an industry 1st board technology, produced with the renowned precision of BIC Sport’s manufacturing technology. Such constructions are unique to the board sports industry and only produced in the BIC Sport factory, France.
Brand Tahe
Board Size Ranges Medium (140-179 Liters), Large (180-214 Liters), X- Large (215-300 Liters)

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandBoard Size RangesSKUManufacturer code
160 D BEACH TaheMedium (140-179 Liters)THBE21684 160106841
185 D BEACH TaheLarge (180-214 Liters)THBE21684 185106842
225 D BEACH TaheX- Large (215-300 Liters)THBE21684 225106843
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