Windsurfing Booms: Aluminum

Windsurfing Booms: Aluminum

Aluminum (AL) windsurfing booms are the most common construction of booms in the windsurfing industry. We offer AL booms from RRD, Chinook and Aeron. They are available in T6, T8 and T9 aluminum tube constructions. T6 will favor entry level and recreational sailors who appreciate a price point boom that is durable. T8 aids increased stiffness and weight reduction. T9 Monocoque is lightest and stiffest construction featuring continuous tubing throughout the front and boom arms. The grip diameters come in 24mm (kids) to 26mm- 32mm (adult) options. Smaller diameters make grasping the boom easier, especially where small hands, cold water or glove use is common. Larger diameter boom grips tend to be slightly stiffer and are favored in booms over 160 cm starting lengths. AL boom lengths range from 90 - 220 cm lengths with 40-60cm of additional adjustment range.
  • RRD Flow Boom

    Special Price. New Flow boom features 29mm grip T-8 aluminum for excellent value and durability - ideal for beginner to intermediate riders.

    From: $149.00

  • RRD Avant Boom

    Top of line AL T9 monocoque construction with 29mm grip, provides exceptional Wave to Freerace performance, stiffness and durability.

    From: $259.00

  • RRD Avant RDM Boom

    Top of line AL T9 Monocoque RDM boom has 26mm tubing helps to reduce forearm fatigue. Ideal for small hands or cold weather.

    From: $274.00

  • Chinook Sport Boom

    This boom packs great value and adjustment range in a modern 29mm grip design. Also in kids sizes with 25mm grip.

    From: $98.00

  • Chinook Pro 1 Alloy

    Pro-1 alloy 29mm grip booms are stiff and loaded with features and large 62 cm adjustment range.

    From: $242.00

  • Chinook RDG Alloy

    The RDG has a 27 mm grip with 60 cm adjustment range. Designed for comfort and performance that's ideal for cold water or smaller hands.

    From: $242.00

  • Chinook Kids Boom 80-130cm

    Proven Comp FBE design. Fits RDM masts, 80 to 130cm range, 26mm grip.

    From: $59.00

  • Aeron Boom Head (FBE)

    Replacement FBE for Aeron MCT 29 and carbon booms. Fits 33mm diameter head tubing.

    From: $59.00

  • Chinook Pro 1 Alloy FBE

    This Chinook FBE is designed to be torsionally rigid with increased mast contact area providing positive rig response.