2021 Duotone Super Hero

2021 Duotone Super Hero

Duotone iRIG ONE Inflatable Rig

Inflatable Windsurfing Rig – ultra compact, easy to use and transport. Ideal for beginners - 4 size options.
MSRP: $460.00
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Arrows Arrows iRIG ONE XS
MSRP: $460.00
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Arrows Arrows iRIG ONE S
MSRP: $460.00
YOUR PRICE: $449.95
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Arrows Arrows iRIG ONE M
MSRP: $510.00
YOUR PRICE: $499.95
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Arrows Arrows iRIG ONE L
MSRP: $560.00
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Category: Entry Rig – Inflatable

DUOTONE iRIG One – Inflatable windsurfing rig.
This is a ultra light weight windsurfing rig that targets beginners and rapid learning. Weighing in at between 3-5 lbs including the mast base (size XS, S,M, L ) it is significantly lighter then most traditional rigs (up to 70% lighter) with epoxy masts. Due to its unique inflatable structure the iRIG is easy to lift out of the water as it floats on the surface. It makes learning windsurfing in light winds easy for everyone. The iRIG comes in a small backpack that's ultra compact and allows you to transport and store it without concern for storage issues. This means convenient transportation in a small city car or even by bike. This international patent pending rig is the result of Duotone Sails and Kiteboarding joining forces to develop the most innovative windsurfing rig ever made. Allow easy access to learn the greatest water sport on earth.

- Inflatable Windsurfing rig.
- Ultra compact and light weight.
- Four sizes to choose from; XS, S, M, L.
- Ideal for learning and compliments Inflatable Windsup boards.
- Includes a small storage backpack – ideal for transporting.
- Built in mast base with tendon and a quick release 1-bolt base connection.
- Best for use with Windsurfing & Windsup boards with center dagger fin or daggerboards.

*Pumps are not included with the iRigs

XS, S, M, L

XS - targets rider height 3'0" - 3'9"
S - targets rider height 3'9"-4'7"
M- targets rider height 4'7"-5'11"
L - targets rider height 5'9"-6'6"

* Pump sold separately (from $12 -65)– It is not included with the iRIG one rigs.

Brand Duotone

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandSKUModelareaLuffBoomBattens
Arrows Arrows iRIG ONE XS DuotoneAWIRIG XSArrows iRIG ONES000
Arrows Arrows iRIG ONE S DuotoneAWIRIG SArrows iRIG ONES000
Arrows Arrows iRIG ONE M DuotoneAWIRIG MArrows iRIG ONEM000
Arrows Arrows iRIG ONE L DuotoneAWIRIG LArrows iRIG ONEL000
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