Bic Boards

Bic Boards

Isthmus Sailboards has been actively selling Bic Windsurfing boards for over 30 years. Their current models are high quality, molded designs utilising Bic's technological manufacturing capabilities to produce products that are durable, affordable and fun to ride. Bic's watersports division was founded in 1979 as a by product of the family's passion for watersports. It has evolved into a very large watersports division that now includes Windsurfing, SUP, Kayaks and Sailing. All of these products are designed and built by a passionate design and production team in France. Their exclusive construction methods and materials produce reliable and durable products that are ideal for those seeking long term durability and consistent performance. Bic's molded technology's in Ace-Tec and Dura-Tec are the primary constructions that have been recognized for years for their dependable long term reliability and quality.

Isthmus Sailboards sells Bic boards due to their value, performance and durability qualities. We offer the Techno, Beach and Wind-Sup models. The Techno series are made in Ace-Tec for lightness and yet are very durable. They track well with and without daggerboard use and cater to aggressive beginners to advanced level riders. The Nova series takes the Techno a step further by offering 3/4 length EVA deck pads to make them more appealing to learning and climbing onto their surface. These have Ace-tec constructions too while they share the same shapes as the Techno models. The Beach series target entry level and abuser friendliness due to their Dura-tec construction. These tend to be best for schools, clubs and rental operations when durability and reliability is key for regular to heavy usage. The SUP Wind is Bics Performer Wind series that targets multi-sport use of SUP and Windsurfing. These are Ace-tec constructions to aid performance and ease of use for both windsurfing and SUP - so one board can appeal to a wide range of user preferences.
  • 2019 Bic 11'6" Sup Wind

    Save $150. A Multi-purpose WindSUP that’s stable, easy to use in flat water, surf conditions, durable and fun to windsurf and SUP.

    From: $1,149.95

  • 2019 Bic Techno 185D

    This recreational board delivers an exciting ride to a wide range of skill levels. New Graphics! Light and durable Ace-Tec.

    From: $1,299.95

  • 2019 Bic Techno Foil/Wind 130

    15% off. New Freeride / Foil 2 in 1 board from Bic – designed to do both at a high level! Ace-Tec Construction.

    From: $1,359.00