WINDFOIL is an exciting new way to experience windsurfing. Special designed and reinforced windsurfing boards are combined with specific windsurfing Hydrofoils designed to enable boards to foil and fly in as little as 6 knots of wind. The unique FOILS (Hydrofoils) are designed to lift a windsurfing boards out of the water, meet a path of least resistance and provide a flying sensation to the rider. At Isthmus Sailboards we'll be stocking select Windfoil designs of boards and foils that meet the highest standard of design, construction and price ranges. Expect this windfoil class to be growing and evolving, and trust Isthmus Sailboards to stay on top of this trend with our selection of offerings. We will have Boards from Horue, RRD, JP, Starboard and Bic. We will also have Foils from Horue, Neil Pryde, LP and Kerfoil technologies. Horue is the leader in windfoil evolution – with years of R&D, experience, production and their own custom manufacturing facilities in France.
The FOILS are hydrofoils that are a combination of four parts: Mast, Fuselage, Front Wing and Rear stabilizing Wing. The Mast vary in span width, length and construction. Mast Construction types are Carbon or Aluminum– with carbon being much lighter and efficient. Aluminum masts are heavier and significantly less expensive to produce. The top of mast contains the fin box base and are Deep Tuttle or Tuttle box options. The Fuselage are carbon or aluminum as well. Think of these as airplane fuselage – that travel through the water and secure to the mast and wings. The Wings will vary in span width that cater to various wind conditions. The larger the wing – the more lift they create to enable earlier foiling potential. The front wing generates most of the lift while the rear wing functions more as a stabilizer once you're foiling. Some brands (Horue) make optional front wings to allow riders to change sizes as their skills and conditions demand.
Contact us for more info and cutting edge developments in this exciting class of WINDFOILING.
  • 2017 Horue Tiny 110 LW w/ Foil

    The Leader in Windfoil designs, development and experience. Built in France. Includes; 110 Tiny board, LW foil, Ship credit.

    From: $4,199.00

  • 2017 Horue Tiny 120 LW w/ Foil

    Tiny 120 w LW wing – targets riders foiling in 8-25 knots winds. Includes: Board, Foil, Fin, Ship credit.

    From: $4,299.00

  • 2017 Horue Tiny 120 XLW w/ Foil

    Tiny 120 w XLW wing for larger riders or 6-15 knots. Includes: Board, Foil, fin, Ship credit.

    From: $4,329.00

  • 2017 Bic Techno Windsurf Foil Kit Package

    Bic WindFoil board and KERfoil combo is a great affordable option for board and foil. Includes, Board, Foil, Ship Credit.

    From: $3,099.90

  • 2018 JP Hydrofoil

    Two new Windfoil shapes for hydrofoiling – 135 All-round and 155 Lightwind options to maximize windfoil performance and wind range.

    From: $2,199.00

  • 2017 RRD H-Fire

    New windfoil board from RRD allows Hydrofoiling Ease and Control to maximize your time flying above the water.

    From: $1,999.00

  • Neil Pryde RS Flight AL Foil

    These foils offer excellent entry into foiling. Efficient and durable foil engineering – very affordable option. Available in May.
  • Neil Pryde RS Flight F4 Carbon Foil

    RS F4 Foil is NP's premium Carbon foil that targets ultimate windfoiling performance. Includes two wings.
  • LP Foils FRS Windsurf

    LP Windfoils - uncompromised engineering for the best strength to weight ratio, ideal lift vs drag and optimal performance.

    From: $1,950.00