Marlow Formuline 3.8mm (per foot)

Marlow Formuline 3.8mm (per foot)

Dakine Uphaul 52

Dakine Uphaul 52"

Chinook Easy Uphaul

The Chinook easy uphaul is perfect for making the uphauling of sails out of the water easier. Utilize your harness to take the strain out of uphauling big sails!
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Category: Boom parts / uphauls.

Chinook Easy Uphaul - ideal for big sails and harness users to ease uphauling your sails.
The Chinook Easy-Uphaul is great for racers and novices alike. Harness users will find that it facilitates raising a sail more quickly, and with greater ease. It also helps to save your back and conserve your strength through uphauling process. Everyone who tries it loves it, even beginners.

- For use with a Harness spreader bar.
- Take it easy on your back
- Everyone who tries it loves it, even beginners
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