CH610 - Chinook Waterstarter



This New product eases the process to master waterstarting technique. The Waterstarter does three things really well. 1) It makes learning the technique of waterstarting very easy. This really benefits people who are learning to waterstart, and sailors who still don’t make every waterstart consistently. 2) The Waterstarter reduces the effort required to waterstart to almost nothing. This is especially helpful with big sails, and anyone else who gets tired while waterstarting. 3) The Waterstarter makes every waterstart more consistent. This increase in consistency really helps users apprehend the technique quickly.

The Waterstarter does not interfere with the outhaul, you don’t feel it’s weight, and it is aerodynamically smooth. Best of all, after someone masters waterstarting with it, they can stop using it. Once someone learns to waterstart, they have got it for life.

-Waterstarter does not obstruct the outhaul.
-The Waterstarter works with large or small sails and all types of booms.
-Lightweight--weighs only 4 ounces, yet it floats 6 pounds.
-Installs or removes in seconds.



Chinook Waterstarter

Stops the clew of your boom from sinking, making it much easier to waterstart.
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