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Chinook RDG Alloy Boom – 27mm Skinny grip  – ultimate comfort.

The RDG alloy booms features a 27mm diameter tubing for small grip comfort and confidence. Ideal for cold weather, small hands or those that just like the an easy to grasp boom in transitions and blasting across the water. The boom is uses a 60cm tail that is ultra stiff and allows for straighter boom body tubing. Loop-n-go outhaul block has been designed and featuers a quick and central sail position ideal for wave, bump-n-jump small freeride type sails. The rear adjustments have Twin pin stainless steel vertical slide adjustment collars. Nice boom grip features harnessline index markings. This boom has beautiful features and is well designed for performance!



- T9 Alloy boom with Skinny 27mm diameter boom grip.

-- Standard Pro-1 boom front – fits SDM and RDM masts.

- 60 cm tail – is stiffer and creates modern, straighter bend.

- Geen Anodized rear boom tubing.

- Loop-n-go outhaul block, quick and centered sail position.

- Buillt-in excess rope retention.

- Twin pin stainless steel vertical slide collars.

- Harness line index markings.

- Absolute boom length markings.

- Available in 3 sizes; 125, 135, 150cm.



135-195, 150-210cm

*125 size option special order



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Chinook RDG Alloy Boom

The RDG has a 27 mm grip with 60 cm adjustment range. Designed for comfort and performance that's ideal for cold water or smaller hands.
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RDG Alloy 27mm 135-195cm
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RDG Alloy 27mm 150-210cm
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