CHSUPP900S - Chinook Alloy Adjustable Paddle



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Chinook 2-pc Alloy adjustable SUP paddle – quality and value!
This paddle is a great all around paddle that's loaded with quality features to enhance performance and value! It features 2-pc alloy tubing that's both ovalized and anodized. It has a modern shape dihedral plastic blade that is durable and pulls nicely through the water. It also features a large adjustment range of 68-84". Twin-pin adjustment collar insure a secure and solid fit. Great performance and value.

- 2-piece adjustable paddle.
- Aluminum shaft is brush textured and ovalized for directional comfort and feel.
- Anodized blue tubing to protect against corrosion.
- Plastic blade is solid and very durable.
- Adjustment Range 68"-84".
- Two-Pin Adjusting Collar.
- Rubberized handle for soft feel and positive grip.
- EVA Float (blue) on paddle shaft - prevents sinking.
- Small blade = 85" area – provides comfort and reduces fatigue.
- 1 year warranty.

Blade Size Specifications:
Blade Area 85² inches
Blade Dimensions 17" x 7.5"
Blade Angle 11˚
Weight 2.5lbs or 1.13kg



Chinook Alloy Adjustable Paddle

This 2-pc Alloy paddle has oval grip tubing, Plastic dihedral blade face and 68-84" adjustable range.

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